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Another dose of Northern Soul for this May Monday. As I try to get through this start of a rough week here’s hoping a stomper helps out. Northern Soul Monday is where we get together and listen to, and learn all about the feature song while we turn the volume way, way up. Are you ready-set-go? Keep the faith!

This week’s Northern Soul Monday Track is “Out On the Floor” by Dobie Gray. The song was originally released in May 1966 on single with “Out On the Floor” as the “A” side, and “No Room to Cry” as the “B” side. It was put out on Charger Records, and released again later, in 1975, on the label, Black Magic. (from Wikipedia)

“Out On the Floor” by Dobie Gray
Northern Soul Monday

“Out On the Floor” is said to be one of the most popular Northern Soul songs of all time, often referred to as the song that defines Northern Soul.

In 1966 Dobie Gray, a versatile old pro who was equally as comfortable singing country as cabaret, recorded a celebration of nocturnal kicks whose lyrics seemed to uncannily anticipate the northern soul scene. Even the fairy-dust twinkle of its piano topline evokes the heart-racing amphetamine thrills of the all-nighter. The perfect anthem for the movement. (from The Guardian)

“Out On the Floor” has had numerous literary mentions, including in Nick Hornby’s book Juliet, Naked, where it is referred to as the “National Anthem of northern”. It is also mentioned in the book Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist by Bill McKibben, and in Last Days of Disco by David F. Ross.

Thanks for joining us for another edition of Northern Soul Mondays. Be sure to check back here next week to see who we will be spinning, and take another step back into Northern Soul History with us. Until then, Keep the Faith.



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