Top Ten Tuesday is here again with another Top Ten request. This Week’s Top Ten is a Band I’m surprised I’ve never featured before, as they’ve been a Favorite of mine since the late 80’s/early 90’s when I was loving everything Goth and Deathrock and Darkwave.
I’ve had the chance to see this Band play live twice, and have danced many times to their Songs at clubs in Hollywood, as well as in my bedroom I grew up with, and later in my first couple of apartments.

Let’s hear it for Sisters Of Mercy, and their Top Ten Songs, requested by Angelica via lyriquediscorde’s Instagram.

Sisters Of Mercy Top 10 Lyriquediscorde

It was 1989 when I started loving Sisters Of Mercy. An end of a decade was upon us and there was a wild, racing, youth-fueled feeling of immortality pulsing through our veins. We slept when we could, usually while the sun was shining, in-between classes half-attended and record store jobs. We were only truly alive at night.

Vampiric, nocturnal, half-zombified dolled up babies haunting the back alleys and dark rooms of Hollywood nights. We thought ourselves the post-modern Studio 54 types, blended and mixed-up with a Warhol Factory sensibility and clothes that mimicked glam rock bands one night, and Morticia meets  Shakespeare the next. I suppose it was contrived at times, perhaps we were living some kind of clichéd rebellion, but at the time it all felt so necessary.

We were all broken; a pack of misfits who banded together, clinging to one another, creating our own family tree. We fell in love, we fell into backseats and bed sheets, we filled veins and noses, we danced and delighted in clove cigarettes and vinyl spins. We were alive in our own upside down wonderland.

Sisters Of Mercy formed in Leeds, in the UK, in 1980. After achieving early underground fame there, the Band had their commercial breakthrough in the mid-1980’s and sustained it until the early 1990’s, when they stopped Releasing new Music in protest against Warner Electra Atlantic, their Record Company. (from Wikipedia)

Sisters Of Mercy Top 10 Tuesday

The Band Released 3 Studio Album. Each was Recorded by a different line-up with Frontman, Singer-Songwriter Andrew Eldritch and a Drum Machine called Doktor Avalanche the only common Musical thread.

Andrew Eldritch

What are some of your Favorite Sisters Of Mercy Songs? These lists are always so hard to narrow down and compile, but here’s my best shot of it – at least for today:

Top Ten Sisters Of Mercy Songs
Top Ten Tuesday

1. “Black Planet”
from the Album, First and Last and Always (1985)

“And, I ride down the highway 101,
by the side of the ocean,
headed for sunset,
for the kingdom come.”

2. “Marian”
from the Album, First and Last and Always (1985)

“I hear you calling Marian. 
Across the water,
across the wave.”

3. “More”
from the Album, Vision Thing (1990)

“Some people get by with a little understanding.
Some people get by with a whole lot more.
I don’t know why,
you gotta be so undemanding.
I want more.”

4. “First and Last and Always”
from the Album, First and Last and Always (1985)

“Seems like twenty-five years of ever after.
Ever more more more.”

5. “Lucretia My Reflection”
from the Album, Floodland (1987)

Sisters of Mercy LD

6. “Alice”
from the EP, Alice (1983)

“She needs you like she needs her tranqs.”

7. “This Corrosion”
from the Album, Floodland (1987)

“Gimme the ring,
kissed and told,
gimme something that I missed.”

8. “Walk Away”
from the Album, First and Last and Always (1985)

“And, when the rain comes down,
would you choose to walk or stay?”

9. “No Time To Cry”
from the Album, First and Last and Always (1985)

“Everything will be alright.
Everything will turn out fine.”

10. “Detonation Boulevard”
from the Album, Vision Thing (1990)

“Through the angel rain.
Through the dust and the gasoline.
Through the cruelty of strangers.
To the neon dream.”


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