Paul Weller 7 and 3 Strikers Weller Wednesday

“7&3 is the Strikers Name” by Paul Weller

“7&3 is the Strikers Name” by Paul Weller
from the Album, Wake Up the Nation (2010)

Welcome back to Weller Wednesday, where we celebrate, listen to, and learn about All Things Paul Weller. This week we are tuning in to a Track off of Weller’s 10th Solo Studio Album, Wake Up the Nation, with the Song “7&3 is the Strikers Name”.

Paul Weller 7 and 3 Strikers Weller Wednesday

The Album Wake Up the Nation was released in April of 2010. It was nominated for the 2010 Mercury Music Prize. The Album was dedicated to “absent friends” – John Weller (Paul’s Dad), Pat Foxton (Bruce Foxton, of The Jam, late wife) and Robert Kirby (string arranger famous for his work with Nick Drake, Elvis Costello, and Weller).

It was the first of Weller’s Albums since 1982 to feature contributions from Bruce Foxton (from The Jam). (from Wikipedia)

Wake Up the Nation Weller Wednesday

Paul Weller: Sounds from the Studio by Ian Snowball states that “7&3 is the Strikers Name” evolve from Wake Up the Nation’s previous Track (“Whatever Next”). They go on to say:

“It’s a vibrant and quirky track and worked when it was issued as a single-sided record. Kevin Shields [of My Bloody Valentine] is back to play more guitar and so are Hannah [Weller] and Laura Rees for backing vocals. The track presses on like a hungry army, relentless, chaotic, attacking – ‘Curse those fuckers in the castle, they’re all bastards too’. ‘7&3 is the Strikers Name’ is a force to be reckoned with.”

One could say that about Weller himself. A force to be reckoned with after years and years in the Music Business, never failing to surprise listeners, always taking chances and changing directions, and sometimes really angry at the “fuckers in the castle” (or maybe the Government, or the Music Business?)

Paul Weller 2010 Weller Wednesday

In the Guardian’s Review of the Album, Wake Up the Nation, they commented on the Song “7&3 is the Strikers Name”:

“Here, he [Paul Weller] explores how republicanism would advance the egalitarian cause of a meritocratic democracy thus: “Them fuckers in the castles, they’re all bastards, too.” This clearly isn’t going to win the Johan Skytte Prize in political science, but there’s something about the gusto of it – not to mention the fathomless layers of feedback beneath it – that’s hugely exciting.”

Paul Weller 7&3 is the Strikers Name Weller Wednesday

The Village Voice’s Neil Ferguson selected his choice of Top 10 Songs that show Weller at his finest (as of July 24, 2013):

“7&3 is the Strikers Name”:

“If there were anything designed to alienate the more conservative of Weller’s audience (i.e. aging, overweight Fred Perry-clad white blokes demanding endless reruns of Weller’s meat and potatoes blue-eyed soul…), then it’s this slice of sonic chicanery. A queasy, swirling helping of lysergic-soaked oddness. A class war call to arms, replete with MBV’s Kevin Shields giving it full on, guitar army white noise craziness. Those demanding “proper tunes” hate it. But you know what? Fuck them. Fuck them all.”

Weller Top 10 Village Voice Weller Wednesday

“7&3 is the Strikers Name” (live) by Paul Weller

What do you think of “7&3 is the Strikers Name”? Do you have a Favorite Track off of “Wake Up the Nation”?

Hope you enjoy this Week’s Weller Wednesday feature and that you come back next week to see what’s up next from Paul Weller. Feel free to share your thoughts, and Weller requests in the comments below.

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