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How could I have never done a Top Ten for Duran Duran? It seems impossible to believe, but I’ve done some digging and haven’t been able to find any. On my birthday last weekend, I revisited the Duran Duran documentary Sing Blue Silver and listened to the Rio Album. I talked a bit with my boyfriend about my history with the band, being a fan, and my connection with their Music. I know I’ve written quite a bit about it, too. What the Band has meant to me.

Duran Duran Top Ten Songs

One could blame Duran Duran for the woman I am today, though I am not sure blame is the right word. For me, I am grateful, more so than I often give sufficient thought, nor credit to. The band was this enormous part of my adolescence, in some ways the band was my adolescence, and though I still carry a never-ending love for them and their music, I will be the first to admit that I take Duran Duran for granted, and I often under-appreciate them to a huge degree.

Let’s start with sexuality. Prior to their music, and images, hitting my day-to-day, I did all I could to keep sexuality buried deep within me. Learning too early on about sex from abuse was not the kind of education that my friends had received, at least not that I  knew of. The realization would come years later that more than I knew of my cohorts and companions had been through the nightmares, too. But, at this juncture of my coming of age, I thought I was alone in all of it, and I ran from thoughts of sex as fast as I could.

Duran Duran Top 10 Tuesday

Then along came this band and I had to stop running. I pretty much had no choice, it was like being smacked in the face, and well, everywhere else, with desire. Whether it be the heart thump and vibration of the bass line, the seduction of the poetic lyrical refrains, or that they were quite beautiful to look at, I was helpless to escape. Nearly every fantasy, every lustful feeling, every personal exploration and vibration beneath the bed sheets was either about, or to the soundtrack of, Duran Duran. My first orgasm was with the lights off, in my bedroom alone, with The Chauffer playing (yes, of course, I remember).

A few years later, the boy who I would later share my virginity with, would also share a Duran Duran related “meet-cute” with me. It went something like this: I saw him at a movie theater before the lights went down, he was wearing a John Taylor style of hat that along with one hell of a smile, got my attention. After the movie we ran into each other again at a late night dinner and when he asked my friends and me to join he and his friends I made mention of his hat and he smiled that smile again, adding a wink to the mix, and said: “John Taylor approved.”

John Taylor Duran Duran Top Ten Tuesday

I have been known to say that that boy knew something that a lot of the boys I went to high school did not. They all made fun of the band, mocked the music, the looks, throwing sexuality accusations and dismissing any talent or merit they had because of their predominate female fan-base. These same teenage boys would grow up to be men who would later admit to liking their music in secret, a confession I have heard from many men I have come in contact with, and each time I end up laughing and shaking my head at them. When asked why it amuses me so I always say that if they had been that exception, and if they were interested in girls, they could have had it all over the other boys, a space next to us at concerts and an invitation into the conversation, and the strung up and out desire we were all pulsing with.

It was more than what the music did to our sexy bits though, much more actually. As I consumed their music, and every article and interview I could get my hands on, I started to learn about their musical influences. Without a doubt, I can directly credit the members of Duran Duran for introducing me to Roxy Music, The Velvet Underground, Chic, Joy Division, early David Bowie, Japan, and T-Rex. I was also moved and inspired to write more. Lyrically, the majority of their music reads like poetry intermixed with passionate proclamations and a little bit of wonder. These were not the simple pop-infused love song trope of so much of the other music that hit the radio stations, this was something more, and it had me writing up a storm. Sometimes what I wrote was about them (yes, this was my first venture into fan fiction), but most of the time it was creations all of my own, written with their music blaring in the background.

Nick Rhodes Top 10 Tuesday

They gave me big dreams, too. Their videos, all shot in far off and exotic locations, made the world seem so much bigger than my tiny life was. When things were horrible at home and I found myself questioning my existence, and at more than a few low moments, questioning my life, it was their big lives or the perception of their big lives, that kept me going. I thought there was so much more to see, to do, to be that I just had to hang on longer. I could not help but believe in the mystery. I wanted to believe. And, well, I thought I might just someday run off and marry Nick Rhodes. A teenage girl can dream, can’t she?

Here are my Favorite Duran Duran Songs – My Top 10. What are some of your Favorites?

Duran Duran Top 10 Songs

Top Ten Duran Duran Songs
Top Ten Tuesday

1. “Lonely In Your Nightmare”
from the Album, Rio (1982)

2. “Careless Memories”
from the Album, Self-Titled (1981)

3. “The Chauffeur”
from the Album, Rio (1982)

4. “The Seventh Stranger”
from the Album, Seven And The Ragged Tiger (1983)

5. “New Religion”
from the Album, Rio (1982)

6. “New Moon On Monday”
from the Album, Seven And The Ragged Tiger (1983)

7. “Secret Oktober”
from the Album, The Singles 81-85 (2003)

8. “Come Undone”
from the Album, The Wedding Album (1993)

9. “Anyone Out There”
from the Album, Self-Titled (1981)

10. “Do You Believe In Shame?”
from the Album, Big Thing (1988)

I have to say that this list was almost impossible to put together, which is probably why I’ve never done one before. I love so many of Duran Duran’s Songs, and so many of their Songs have meaning and memories attached to them, for me. Today, this afternoon, in March, this is My Top 10. Ask me tomorrow, or next week, next month, next year, and the list might change. There were so many that almost made the list, too. I needed a Top 50 Songs, at least.

Duran Duran TOP LD

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Duran Duran Songs

  1. You included my favorite DD song, “The Chauffeur” – the first time I heard it was at a club, and it’s still one of my favorites.

    You’ve probably heard it, but Warpaint does a great cover of it

  2. Wow. I have never read someone’s blog or book or article for that matter, who has been able to sum up what Duran Duran means to me.
    “When things were horrible at home and I found myself questioning my existence, and at more than a few low moments, questioning my life, it was their big lives or the perception of their big lives, that kept me going. I thought there was so much more to see, to do, to be that I just had to hang on longer. I could not help but believe in the mystery. I wanted to believe.”
    You said this for yourself. You said it for me. And I know that you are saying this for a lot of other people. You made me cry when I finished reading this. Your words made me so happy and the memories that returned made me so sad. But only for a second. I don’t live in the past. I live in the now. A now created by believing in the dreams that Duran Duran showed me were possibilities. You have a gift and I am so glad that you overcame those challenges and are able to write so wonderfully and share your insight to this thing called Life.
    Thank You!

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