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Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring Monarchs

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Such a busy day, the kind that not just fly by, but speed by. Its like I can hear the engines revving, propellers whirring, and my head spinning while I try to catch my breath. I swear it was 8am just a moment ago, and now its 4pm. I collected up My Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day hours ago, but haven’t had a moment to put them up – until now.

Song 1 is Monarch’s “Come On and Move Me”, a new discovery of mine that I heard on the new TV Series, “Good Girls”. The second I heard it I had to pause the Show and look it up. I’ve been obsessing over it ever since. I love when TV Shows have good Soundtracks. Honestly, I love when everything has a good Soundtrack. Discovering New Music is everything.

Next up is a Song I found by hitting the “Go to Song Radio” option on Spotify. I’m so enjoying “New Illusion” by Houndstooth today. I think I’ve hit repeat five times in a row, so far. I feel like I’ve heard Houndstooth before, on Sirius XM’s channel The Spectrum, I think.

“Crystals” by Of Monsters and Men is Song 3. I’ve loved this one since I first heard them perform it at a CW Upfront event. I think this may be my favorite Track of theirs. I heard them play it again at a Summer Radio Festival I went to, and it was a stand-out of their set then, as well.

Fever Ray’s Cover of one of My Favorite Peter Gabriel Songs is Track 4. This Version of “Mercy Street” is stunning. Peter’s Version of the Song is one that often makes me cry. This one is emotional, as well, but it has this element of electricity, power, and strength that takes away some of the vulnerability. I love both feelings so much, and this Cover is fantastic – but I think I’ll always prefer the original.

Last, but not least, is another Song I heard on “Good Girls”, though this one I knew. “Laisse tomber les filles” by France Gall. I love myself some French Pop Music. So much.

Stream Today’s Five Songs, and all the rest of the week as we go here at Spotify and YouTube. Or, Press Play at the bottom of this post to stream via YouTube right here.

Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day – March 7, 2018

1. “Come On and Move Me” by Monarchs

Monarchs Come On and Move Me Song of the Day

2. “New Illusion” by Houndstooth

Houndstooth New Illusion Top 5 Music Obsessions Song 2 Lyriquediscorde

3. “Crystals” by Of Monsters And Men

Of Monsters and Men Crystals Top 5 Music Obsessions Song 3 Lyriquediscorde

4. “Mercy Street” by Fever Ray

Fever Ray Mercy Street Top 5 Music Obsessions Song 4 Lyriquediscorde

5. “Laisse tomber les filles” by France Gall”

France Gall Laisse tomber les filles Top 5 Music Obsessions Song 5 Lyriquediscorde

I hope you enjoy your Wednesday and all the Music that comes your way today. Hope you enjoy these Top 5 Music Obsession Songs, too. What Music are you Obsessing over today? Share in the Comments. I’d love to Hear.

Top 5 Music Obsessions for the Week of March 5, 2018

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