“Candy” by Iggy Pop, featuring Kate Pierson

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“Candy” is one of my Favorite Duets of All-Time. Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson’s voices blend in a way that some of my Favorite Fictional lovers do. The way they come together in this Track is like a Movie in my mind. I think of Sailor and Lula, in Wild at Heart, Alabama and Clarence in True Romance, and Paul and Eliza from the “How to Kill a Rockstar” (by Tiffanie DeBartolo).

“Candy” is also one of my All-Time Favorite Songs from 1990. A year that explosive in my life, filled with more experiences than I’d had in the 20 years leading up to it. I remember having this on many Mix Tapes that I would play in my Honda Hatchback. It started one Tape that I remember so vividly. Side A. At the time it reminded me of my first love. The one that would take years to completely get over.

“Candy” by Iggy Pop, featuring Kate Pierson
from the Album, Brick By Brick (1990)

Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson Candy SOTD

The Song appears on Iggy’s ninth solo Album, Brick by Brick. It was released as the Album’s second Single in September of 1990. It became Iggy’s biggest mainstream Hit of his career. (from Wikipedia) “Candy” hit the U.S. Top 40, a first for Iggy, but not for Kate Pierson who has had a few mainstream Hits with The B-52’s.

In the U.S., “Candy” debuted on November 24, 1990, at # 90 on the Billboard Hot 100. It reached a peak of # 28 in February 1991. To date, it is Iggy’s only single to appear on the chart.

The song was a Top 5 Modern Rock Hit, remaining on the Modern Rock Tracks chart for 17 weeks. It also reached the Top 30 of the Album Rock Tracks chart.

Elsewhere, the single reached the Top 10 in the Netherlands and Australia, peaking at numbers seven and nine, respectively. However, it was not as commercially successful in the United Kingdom, peaking at # 67. (from Wikipedia)

Candy Iggy Pop Single Song of the Day Lyriquediscorde

The Single’s cover was drawn by American cartoonist Charles Burns.

“Candy” (live) by Iggy Pop, featuring Kate Pierson

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