“Gold Dust Woman” by Hole

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What happens when one of my Favorite Women in Music covers another of my Favorite Women in Music? “Gold Dust Woman”, originally by Fleetwood Mac (lead sung by Stevie Nicks) covered by Hole (lead sung by Courtney Love) is an example of when this kind of Cover Song magic happens.

Hole Gold Dust Woman Under the Covers

Though the original will forever by my Favorite, Hole’s version featured on The Crow: City of Angels 1996 Soundtrack, is a very close second Favorite.

“Gold Dust Woman” by Hole

“Gold Dust Woman” was originally recorded by Fleetwood Mac and appeared on their hit 1977 Album, Rumours. The Song was written and sung by Stevie Nicks, and was released as the B-Side to the “Don’t Stop” Single in the UK, and as the B-Side to “You Make Loving Fun” Single in the U.S. (from Wikipedia)

 Fleetwood Mac Rumours Gold Dust Woman

Hole’s Cover Version was released in 1996 as their ninth Single on CD by Geffen Records. It was also featured on the Soundtrack to The Crow: City of Angels and was produced by Ric Ocasek of The Cars. (from Wikipedia)

Hole Gold Dust Woman Single Under the Covers

Rumors about what “Gold Dust Woman”, originally from Rumours, is about have varied, but the two major themes have been Cocaine and Stevie’s notorious break-up with bandmate Lindsay Buckingham. An interview Stevie Nicks gave to Rolling Stone Magazine during Fleetwood Mac’s 2014-15 Tour seems to suggest the former “rumor” is true.

Stevie Nicks Gold Dust Woman Under the Covers

During that tour, the Band performed an extended version of the Song that would often stretch past 10 minutes, and it was reported that Stevie would lose herself in the Music during the long instrumental break. She is said to have often felt the effects the next day, as the dancing took a toll on her back. This is how she described the experience to Rolling Stone:

“It’s the drug addict in ‘Gold Dust Woman’ who is breaking her back. She’s out there looking for drugs, and I’m trying to create that situation onstage so people get what it’s about, which was a very heavy, bad time in my life.”

Stevie and Courtney Under the Covers

In 1997, Courtney Love and Stevie Nicks were interviewed together by Spin Magazine. When Courtney asked Stevie about the Song Stevie had this to say:

“You know what, Courtney? I don’t really know what ‘Gold Dust Woman’ is about. I know there was cocaine there and that I fancied it gold dust, somehow. I’m going to have to go back to my journals and see if I can pull something out about ‘Gold Dust Woman.’ Because I don’t really know. It’s weird that I’m not quite sure. It can’t be all about cocaine.”

“Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac

What do you think of Hole’s Cover Version? How does it compare to the original to you? Do you have a favorite of the two? There are other Covers of “Gold Dust Woman”, is there one that you prefer as a Cover?

Hole Under the Covers
Don’t forget to check back next Sunday for another Edition of Under the Covers Sunday. You won’t want to miss it.

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