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A friend and fellow-blogger introduced me to Cigarettes After Sex via a Twitter exchange, if I remember correctly – I know it was Susan who introduced me, but I’m trying to remember if it was a blog entry she did or a Twitter-conversation. Whichever it was, what’s important is the Music. “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” was the first Track I heard, followed shortly by a brilliant Cover of REO Speedwagon’s “Keep On Loving You”. I was enamored immediately by the low-fi, darkwave, electro/goth sensibility of the Song, and the haunting and dreamy lyrics and sound. I wanted needed to hear more.

“Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” by Cigarettes After Sex
from the Album, Ⅰ. (2012)

Cigarettes After Sex Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby SOTD LD

I have to admit when I first heard Cigarettes After Sex I mistook the Singer to be a woman. There was something about the voice that reminded me of an older Lana Del Rey whose smoked many cigarettes in dive bars, paired with shots of whiskey and long conversations. Or maybe a raspier Nico, because there is definitely a Velvet Underground vibe here, or maybe a bit Jesus and Mary Chain meet Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, vocalized by Hope Sandoval’s older sister.

But no, the Singer is not a smoky, imagined, raspy Woman. The Singer is Greg Gonzalez, who formed the band in El Paso, Texas.

Cigarettes After Sex Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby SOTD

Gonzalez recorded the first EP, Ⅰ., in a four-story stairway at the University of Texas, where he was attending. He called the experience “basically an accident; kind of an experiment”. “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” was on that initial EP. (from Wikipedia)

Shortly after, Gonzalez moved to Brooklyn, New York, and with the Band released the Single “Affection” along with the REO Cover Song.

Cigarettes After Sex I. SOTD LD

Gonzalez has named some of his Musical inspirations, and I keep thinking they’d make a great Playlist or Top 5 Music Obsession list. Some of his inspirations are Françoise Hardy, Miles Davis, Julee Cruise (oh my stars, I can hear this Song, and others, in Twin Peaks, and other David Lynch Soundtracks), Cocteau Twins, and the Cowboy Junkies’ Album, The Trinity Session.

Cigarettes After Sex SOTD LD

“Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” (live) by Cigarettes After Sex

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