Slave to Love 9 1/2 Weeks Song of the Day

“Slave to Love” by Bryan Ferry

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Today’s Song of the Day is actually one of the first Songs I heard today. After listening to a Podcast on Nanowrimo and novel writing, I pressed play on one of Spotify’s Daily Mixes curated for me. A few Songs in Bryan Ferry’s “Slave to Love” started to play and I felt the rush of emotions and feeling that washes over me everytime I hear this Song. “Slave to Love” is forever in my collection of Favorite Songs because of just that – how it makes me feel. It is one of those Songs that demands I listen. No matter what I’m doing, no matter what stresses or thoughts are in my head, and no matter where I am when this Song starts up I have to pay attention. Do you have any Songs like that?

“Slave to Love” by Bryan Ferry
from the Album, Boys and Girls (1985)

Slave to Love Bryan Ferry Album Cover Song of the Day Lyriquediscoirde

Slave to Love” was the first Single released from Bryan Ferry’s 1985 Solo Album, Boys and Girls. The Single was released in April of 1985 and spent nine weeks in the UK Charts, peaking at #10. (from Wikipedia)

Slave to Love 9 1/2 Weeks Song of the Day

Sometimes I think its because of the Film 9 1/2 Weeks that I love this Song so much. The Film, at the time I saw it, impacted me in big ways. It isn’t the best Film out there, by any stretch of the imagination, and one could dissect the plot, the problems with the subject matter, and the characterizations. But, for me, the Movie opened up a sexuality in me that had been locked away due to childhood trauma, and it also made me fall in love with both New York (or my idea of it) and, of course, Mickey Rourke. Oh, and the Music? Every single Song worked perfectly in the Film, and the Soundtrack – both in Album form and collected to include the Songs that didn’t make it to Vinyl, became some of my all-time Favorites. Especially Bryan Ferry’s “Slave to Love”.

Mickey Rourke and Kim Bassinger SOTD

I think the Song appeals to me on a personal level, as well. I’ve often said that I fall in love too easily, that I wear my heart on my sleeve, and that I let love, or the idea of it, overtake me and swallow me whole. Is love an addiction of mine? Am I it’s willing slave? Is it a good thing, or a bad thing? Or all of the above, and everything in-between? I may spend my entire life wondering, and never figure it out. One of my Favorite Lyrics from the Song speaks to that:

We’re too young to reason, 
too grown up to dream.”

When I heard the Song today it ignited a part of a Novel I’m desperately trying to get back to writing. It may have partially been because I’d been listening to writers talking about writers just before. But, I also know its because the Song has been a Muse to be in the past, inspiring writing while it played Soundtrack in the background. It’s also because the Song reminded me immediately of one of the characters, and unlocked a plot point with that character that I’ve been struggling with for a long time.

Music is so powerful.

“Slave to Love” (live) by Bryan Ferry

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  1. One can only wonder how many children were conceived to this song. Bryan Ferry was underrated in style, of course he was in Bowie’s shadow. Awesome song!

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