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“Above the Clouds” by Paul Weller

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“Above the Clouds” (live) by Paul Weller
originally from the Album, Paul Weller (1992)

A special Valentine’s Day edition of Weller Wednesday is upon us with a beautiful live rendition of “Above the Clouds”, one of my personal Weller-favorites. The Song is Track 6 off of Weller’s debut solo Album which is Self-Titled and was released in 1992.

Paul Weller 1992 Album Self Titled Weller Wednesday

Paul Weller’s Self-Titled debut Album came along after the break-up of The Style Council, in 1989. Shortly after the band break-up, Weller formed The Paul Weller Movement, in 1990, on his own label, Freedom High. His first Single from the “Movement” went to #36 on the UK Charts, and at that Go! Discs offered him a Record Deal. Paul Weller’s Self-Titled is the first solo release from Go! Discs, released in Septemeber of 1992. The Album reached #8 on the UK Album Chart. (from Wikipedia)

From Paul Weller: Sounds from the Studio (2017):

Enter one of Paul’s most well-loved songs, ‘Above the Clouds’, “Autumn blew its leaves at me”.” The Song unfolds like a rose kissed by the breeze whisked up by Steve White’s drumming and a hit of bongos. Paul patrols the groove that breaks into another swirling sax solo from Jacko Peake.

Above the Clouds Single Weller Wednesday Lyriquediscorde

“Above the Clouds”, with “Everything has a┬áPrice to Pay” as the B-Side, was the third and final Single released from Paul Weller’s debut solo Album. It made it into the Top 50 and has continued to be a favorite of fans around the world.

The Song has also been released on Paul Weller Modern Classics: The Greatest Hits (1998), Paul Weller Hit Parade (2007), and Paul Weller Classic Albums Selection, Volume 1 (2014). It was also featured on the Compilation Album, Giant Steps, Volume 1 (1993), which also featured┬áVivienne McKone, Hed Rush, Cooly’s Hot Box, and others.

“Above the Clouds” (Album Version) by Paul Weller

Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day and that you come back next week to see what’s up next from Paul Weller. I hear rumors it may be something from The Style Council.


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