“Last Words” by Isaac Gracie

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A couple of years back I discovered a young Singer whose Voice and Songwriting took me by surprise and had me falling hard – Isaac Gracie. “Last Words” was my first favorite, and listening to it again this morning it still remains my favorite.

“Last Words” (live) by Isaac Gracie
originally from the Album, Songs From My Bedroom (2016)

The first version I heard was a live one (see below), in the Summer of 2016. The Lyrics made me cry, in that good, sometimes you need to cry way. It still makes me tear up when I hit play now.

These lines especially:

“Blood in your nails is scratching for the faith,
with a noose ’round your neck and a needle in your vein.”

Isaac Gracie Last Words SOTD Lyriquediscorde

I missed seeing Isaac Gracie live by a week. I ran across his Music, and the Demo/EP Songs From My Bedroom a week after he played a show at The Hotel Cafe (one of my favorite small venues). The next time he makes it to the US I won’t miss it!

“Terrified”, which is another of Isaac’s Songs I love, was released last November as a remastered Studio Single. It’s just as beautiful as the Demo/EP version, soaring and still heavy with emotions. I can’t wait until a full Album is released.

“Terrified” by Isaac Gracie


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