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“Portions for Foxes” is Track 3 off of Rilo Kiley’s 2004 Album, More Adventurous. I thought at first that this was the first Rilo Song I ever heard, but “It’s a Hit” actually is. That said, this was the second, and it was what led me to start getting into Jenny Lewis and Rilo Kiley, both big favorites of mine.

“Portions for Foxes” by Rilo Kiley
from the Album, More Adventurous (2004)

I’ve been slow-binging “Grey’s Anatomy” (currently on Season 9), and listening to a podcast called “The On-Call Room”.  There have been discussions about the episodes all being Song Titles, and the Music in the episodes tend to be iconic, in the way that soundtracks to “The OC” were. I decided to put together Playlists by season, with the episode title Songs and the Songs in the episodes.

Meredith Grey Portions for Foxes RK SOTD LD

(If you are interested, I just completed Season 1 – available here on Spotify)

There are a few Songs that immediately come to mind when I think of Grey’s, and “Portions for Foxes” is definitely one of them. In some ways, it is definitive of Meredith Grey, at least when we meet her/her perception of herself.

Rilo Kiley Portions For Foxes Song of the Day Lyriquediscorde

I never realized that the title “Portions for Foxes” is a biblical reference. Psalm 63:10, to be exact.

” They shall fall by the sword: they shall be a portion for foxes.”

I did wonder what it meant, but I kind of liked the oddness of it. Also, foxes being small animals, to be portions for them I felt it referred to being/feeling broken in so many small pieces and needing someone, or something to help put the pieces back together.

What did you think it meant? Did you know it was a bible-reference?

“Portions for Foxes” (live) by Rilo Kiley

(side note: Can I please have Jenny’s outfit from this live performance? I sorta already have the hair)

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