Some Kind of Wonderful Soundtrack

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Some Movie Soundtracks transcend the Film they are a part of. Though Some Kind of Wonderful is one of my Favorite John Hughes’ Teen Movies, it is not among the universal Top Hughes’ Movies, not like The Breakfast Club, Ferris, 16 Candles, and even Pretty In Pink. The Soundtrack is unforgettable though, and in my opinion, it is tied with Pretty In Pink as the best Hughes’ Soundtrack of All-Time. It is definitely one of my Quintessential Soundtracks and Albums.

Some Kind of Wonderful Soundtrack Saturdays Lyriquediscorde

Released on MCA Records in 1985, the Some Kind of Wonderful Soundtrack features Songs by Pete Shelley, Flesh For Lulu, Stephen Duffy, The Jesus And Mary Chain, and The March Violets, among others. This is a Soundtrack full of lesser known, “alternative” (before the term became a “genre”) Bands and Artists that have an unmistakable cool factor, which keeps this Compilation fresh sounding, and not full of stereotypical “80’s Hits” that many of our ears have had their fill of.

This Soundtrack had a large number of unknown artists, which certainly wasn’t the norm for a John Hughes production at that time (so even less predictable than his previous work).

Every Song fit perfectly into every moment and scene in the film, from the attention-grabbing opening Track to the nightclub scene, to the kissing lesson scene/first kiss scene, to the climatic party moments, and finally, the unusually beautiful cover of I Can’t Help Falling In Love during the closing credits, every song appears to have been chosen with meticulous precision.

The Songs on this Album remind me of the Import section of my favorite Record Stores during my teen and twenty-something years. The bins where I discovered Bands and Artists that were not getting airplay on even the edgiest radio stations of the time. I loved perusing these Albums, discovering new favorites to follow and share with other Music Obsessive friends. This Soundtrack was full of them.

Some Kind of Wonderful Soundtrack Saturdays LD

Furniture’s melancholic “Brilliant Mind” and Flesh For Lulu’s pop-culture laden “I Go Crazy” were my initial Favorites. These were Songs I immediately started including on Mix Tapes made for myself and others. I remember it was refreshing to hear a Stephen Duffy Song other than “Kiss Me”, and to have other people start finding out who Pete Shelley was. Oh, and The March Violets’ of The Rolling Stones’ “Miss Amanda Jones” and Lick The Tins rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” quickly became part of my endless collection of beloved Cover Songs.

Do you have any Favorites from the Soundtrack? Here’s mine:

Top 5 Some Kind Of Wonderful Songs

1. “Brilliant Mind” by Furniture

2. “Do Anything” by Pete Shelley

3. “I Go Crazy” by Flesh For Lulu

4. “She Loves Me” by Stephen Duffy

5. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Lick The Tins

Some Kind of Wonderful Soundtrack Saturdays LD SS

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