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Songs About Flowers – Friday Five

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I am not a fancy flower girl. I’ve never been fond of roses (they bring to mind death or pain, or apology, to me), or bouquets of any kind really, especially not as gifts, though I do love fresh cut flowers that seem wild and random warming up a house. I’ve been known to buy them myself at the local Trader Joe’s, or the flower mart downtown the few times I’ve been. My favorite though is wild daisies growing in untamed clusters or bushes, the kind I grew up with, that my Mom would braid into my hair as a child, and that I would later associate with a lover who used to call me Daisy sometimes.

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I love found flowers, the ones out in the world growing out of cracks in the pavement, or in deserted fields. Desert flowers have always been an unexpected surprise, blooms from cacti promising oasis in the dry desolation. I like tall, tall sunflowers like the ones I first saw on my cousins’ farm in Idaho. I spent a week there one Summer once when I was eleven years old. A city girl overwhelmed by a country farm, but enthralled, as well. Daises though, they are forever my flower, enough so that I have small one tattooed on my right leg. What is your favorite flower?

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Top 5 Flower Songs
Friday Five

1. “Roses” by Pete Yorn

2. “Daisy” by Ben Lee

3. “Wildflowers” by Ryan Adams

4. “English Rose” by Paul Weller

5. “Where the Wild Roses Grow” by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue

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