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Now Hear This – “Love Me Back” by J.D. King

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A little Twang, a little Folk, a little Psychedelic, and a little bit LA – that’s what the new Track by lyriquediscorde Favorite J.D. King is made of. And let me tell you, it is destined to become your next big thing.

Despite that reluctant groundhog who bestowed upon us six more weeks of Winter today, “Love Me Back” rebuffs those Winter Woes and brings Spring right along for us to fall in love with.

JD King Lyriquediscorde Love Me Back

I adore the playfulness of this Track and its accompanying film. The Roger Corman feel to it, with the Psychobilly leopard clad kitty and her would-be-lover the romantic, dark pirate, playing Music with a band of animals, fighting in the street, and falling in and out of love – it all just sweeps- me up and takes me away.

The film was shot on location at the Ramones Ranch in Los Angeles, where the song was also recorded in J.D.’s home studio. It was directed by J.D.’s longtime collaborator Avery Wheless (HUSH), and the film stars J.D., Avery, and actress Kansas Bowling, also featuring cameos from Parker Love Bowling, JuJu Sorelli, and Linda Ramone.

“Love Me Back” fits perfectly into the upcoming Spring season (no matter what you say, Sir Groundhog, Spring will get here). The Song also weaves right into this month of Valentines and lovers.

In February, aren’t we all looking for someone to love us back?

J.D. says of the Song “Love Me Back”:

“Love Me Back” was a subconscious ditty I just came up with while waiting in a car. We recorded it live to tape and it sounded pretty great with just 4 tracks. The film represents the fool who looks to others for love and validation while not yet realizing that love truly comes from within. So, myself acting the fool in this case, gets quite a lickin’ from a carefree wildcat goddess for this misunderstanding. I sort of used a Buster Keaton persona for the acting part which I’ve always wanted to try.  I hope you enjoy “Love Me Back”!

JD King Love Me Back Now Hear This Lyriquediscorde

I say Turn this Track up Loud and grab a hold of that one you love, make out with them until both your lips are pucker-pink, whisper love words to each other and maybe go take off on a spontaneous adventure together, the kind that warrants saved postcards and snapshots, and beloved memories forever.

Just don’t forget to take this Song along for the ride. I know I will. You can grab the track here, and also follow J.D. and his Music on Facebook and Instagram.

You see, I’m already loving “Love Me Back” back, it’s impossible not to.

Thank you, J.D., for another deliriously catchy, and gorgeously lovely new Song. I can’t wait for a Full Album from you – Moon Gardens – coming soon!

“Love Me Back” by J.D. King


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