“New York” by St. Vincent

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“New York” by St. Vincent is Track 8 off of Annie Clark’s 2017 Album, Masseducation. It is my favorite off of the Album, without a doubt. I have a love of Songs that are set in/about Los Angeles and New York – this Song is obviously the latter (side note: There is a Song called “Los Angeles” on the Album, as well, that I also love).

The Song was released in June of 2017 through Loma Vista Records as the lead Single from the Masseducation. (from Wikipedia)

“New York” by St. Vincent
from the Album, Masseducation (2017)

“New York” is described as a somber ballad mourning the end of a relationship. When I listen though I take it in as something even bigger. I see it as the mourning of a city, of a time in one’s life, a Song sung while ending a chapter near completely. I think of when I left Los Angeles for the first time, or when I left Chicago to come back to LA. I think of the people I left behind both times. I think of the cities in my rear-view mirror as I drove away, or from outside the airplane window as it blurred out of sight. Yes, it reminds me too, of break-ups, one in particular, but it is a bigger loss I feel in this Song than just a loss of love.

“New York” is surprisingly benign compared to her recent output, except for one moment, when she spits out a “motherfucker” worthy of Nick Cave in an otherwise lovely chorus. It’s enough to reassure you that St. Vincent still has some acid in her.” (from Wikipedia)

St Vincent NY SOTD LD

I also have a strange adoring love of Songs that use the word “fuck” in them. I’m not sure why. Maybe it is the rebellious teenage girl still alive in me who went to parochial schools and never cussed, or felt deeply ashamed when she did. Or maybe it is the power of language, and the power we have attached to the word “fuck”. When I sing-a-long to the word I feel a surge of freedom, of power, of rebellion, and of self.

“And, if I call you from First Avenue,
where you’re the only motherfucker in the city,
who can handle me.”

Maybe someday I’ll put together a “fuck Playlist”. This Song will definitely be on it.

St Vincent New York SOTD Lyriquediscorde

“New York” (live, 2017, 6 Music Live Room) by St. Vincent

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