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“Welcome Home, Son” by Radical Face

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“Welcome Home, Son” by Radical Face is Track 2 from the 2007 Album, Ghost, which is Radical Face’s debut Album. Ghost was written as a concept Album based on the idea of houses retaining stories of what has happened in them. Each Song, including “Welcome Home, Son”, is a story told from the house’s point of view. (from Wikipedia)

Singer Emeral Cooper cited an old house he lived in as one of the inspirations for the Album, and he wrote most of the Songs in an old tool shed behind his house.

“Welcome Home, Son” by Radical Face
from the Album, Ghost

I always associate this Song with the UK Series “In the Flesh”, even though it was not in the Series/on the Soundtrack. This is due to my oldest daughter making a companion Soundtrack inspired by the show using this Song, and honestly, if you have seen the Series and you listen to the Song, it fits beautifully.

The Song also resides in a character Playlist I have for Rae, the Female protagonist from my “Desert” novel I’m working on.

I love the opening Lyric:

“Sleep don’t visit,
so I choke on sun,
and the days blur into one.”

As someone who suffers from insomnia, and has had too many bouts of sleepless nights, I know exactly what it is like to choke on the sun and stumble thru the subsequent day in a blur.

“Welcome Home, Son” (live, 2011) by Radical Face

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