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“Smother” by Daughter is Track 2 of their Debut Full-Length Studio Album If You Leave. The Album was released from 4AD Records in March of 2013. This was the Album that had me falling hard for Daughter, and as I revisit the Album I find myself getting obsessed with the Songs over and over again. “Smother” is my latest obsession from the Album. I just want to keep hitting repeat after each time it plays.

“Smother” by Daughter
from the Album, If You Leave (2013)

Daughter formed in 2010. Singer Elena Tonra originally planned to be a Solo Artist, but then she met guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella, and they melded together so well that they became Daughter instead. (from Wikipedia)

The song, “Smother”, was released on 7-inch vinyl in October of 2013 through 4AD (UK, Europe & ROTW) & Glassnote (North America).

For me, Daughter filled in these emotional spaces that only Music can fill. There is something so powerful in the Music, and especially in Elena’s voice. Haunting, ethereal, and heavy, sometimes the Songs feel soothing, and other times they feel like a punch in the heart. But, we all need that kind of punch sometimes, just like we all need a good cry sometimes (Daughter, and “Smother” does that for me, too).

“Smother” was the first Song I heard this morning. It immediately brought me to the Album again, and now to this Monday Song of the Day.

Have a listen. Take a deep breath. Breathe it in. Feel all of it, the Music, and the Lyrics.

“Smother” (live at KEXP, 2013)

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