Chuck Wood 7 Days Too Long Northern Soul Monday Lyriquediscorde

Northern Soul Monday with “7 Days Too Long”

Northern Soul Monday Lyriquediscorde

You know what the best thing about Monday is? That’s right! Northern Soul! And here we are again set and ready to spin another Northern Soul Monday Stomper, this one a Wigan Casino favorite, as well as a big favorite on many Northern Soul lists out there. Are you ready to turn up the volume on this week’s Northern Soul Monday Track?

“7 Days Too Long” by Chuck Wood

“7 Days Too Long” was released on Roulette Records in the 60’s, and then later, in 1971, it was released on Mojo Records. There is little to nothing on Chuck Wood online, he is a bit of a mystery, but another music blogger did track down a bit of information about him. The following is directly sourced to “I Estivate, Therefor I Am, for the sleuthing they did on Chuck Wood and this Stellar Stomper of a Northern Soul Song.

Back in the days of the Wigan Casino, the Roulette Records Single, “7 Days Too Long” had been all but forgotten. The label itself had struggled to find success, as did its artists. But Chuck Wood changed that briefly in 1967 when “7 Days Is Too Long” was deemed a “regional breakout” by Billboard magazine, and by the following week, it was charting at #130 on the Billboard Charts. By the next month it leaped up to #119, and then that was it. The Song fell into what could have been obscurity if it wasn’t for Northern Soul.

Chuck Wood 7 Days Too Long No Soul Monday LD

Chuck Wood was born in Tyler, Texas, though his year of birth is apparently under dispute. He relocated to Los Angeles and went to school at Los Angeles City College. He first got a contract with Warner Brothers, where he recorded a Song called Paul Bunyon, among others.

Warner Brothers also had him on contract as an actor. He appeared in the “Tarzan TV Show”, and in the Films Beau Geste and The Sins of Rachel Cade. Below is a Warner Brothers photo of Wood used for Film and TV promotion.

Chuck Wood 7 Days Too Long Lyriquediscorde

Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s covered the Song in 1980, on their Album, Searching for the Young Soul Rebels. The Cover and Album was described as  “an energetic mix of pop, Northern soul, and punkish attitude.

Dexys Midnight Runners Cover Version Northern Soul Monday Lyriquediscorde

“7 Days Too Long” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners

What are your thoughts on the Orginal “7 Days Too Long” by Chuck Wood? What do you think of the Cover Version by Dexy’s Midnight Runners? Did you Press Play more than once? Did you prefer one to the other? Did you dance to this Northern Soul Stomper?

Roulette Records Seven Days Too Long Chuck Wood Northern Soul Monday Lyriquediscorde

Be sure to come back next Monday for more of the best Northern Soul Music. Right here is where you can find the best Northern Soul Stompers to start your week off right. See you next time!



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