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“Just Another” by Pete Yorn is Track 3 of his debut Album, musicforthemorningafter. It is one of my favorite Songs off of one of my favorite Albums. Musicforthemorningafter was released in March of 2001 through Columbia Records. It was certified RIAA Gold in the US. (Wikipedia)

“Just Another” by Pete Yorn
from the album, musicforthemorningafter (2001)

I remember hearing that it was written after an encounter with a young actress at a party. I always have pictured it being Winona Ryder, and maybe it was. I can’t recall if the name of the actress was given. It could just be my subconscious filling in the details with Winona because I love her so much.

Winona Ryder Just Another Song of the Day Lyriquediscorde

To me, “Just Another” has always been about taking someone off a pedestal to really love them. That once the initial rush of attraction is passed, when two people come together, that seeing each other a bit more realistically is where love begins. I also like to think about a story where someone “out of reach” lets down his/her guard to connect with someone, like Daisy and Jay Gatsby (“The Great Gatsby”), if Daisy they both weren’t so awful. The Song also reminds me of a Short Story I once wrote about a record (the one this Song is from, actually) who fell in love with the girl who owned it.

Pete Yorn Just Another Song of the Day Lyriquediscorde

“Just Another” (live, Bing Lounge, 2014) by Pete Yorn

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