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“A Little Crazy” by Nicole Atkins

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“A Little Crazy” is the opening Track off of Nicole Atkins 2017 Album, Goodnight Rhonda Lee. The Song also appeared on the Season 1 Soundtrack to Showtime’s shortlived Series, “Roadies” (I still miss it). The Song immediately conjures up Roy Orbison to me, which was part of the plan, it seems.

Atkins said of the Song, which she co-wrote with Chris Isaak:

“Chris Isaak and I wrote ‘A Little Crazy’ in a day.“ The idea was to channel Roy Orbison, and that desperate feeling you have when bad love becomes obsession.”

“A Little Crazy” by Nicole Atkins
from the Album, Goodnight Rhonda Lee (2017)

I remember this Song from the finale of “Roadies”, but I hadn’t honestly thought of the Song since. That is, not until this morning when I hit Play on my Spotify “Discover Weekly” Playlist, where it is the First Track. I was taken aback by the Tune immediately, recalling hearing it before on the show. It also brought back both Classic Country 8-Tracks I used to play on my Aunt’s player (especially Loretta Lynn) when I stayed with her and my Grandparents as a kid, and, of course, of Roy Orbison.

Nicole Atkins Song of the Day A Little Crazy Lyriquediscorde
This feels like the perfect Monday morning Song to start the day off, a little bit Mellow, a little bit Melancholy, and a lot beautiful. It makes me want to lose myself a bit in Classic Country and Soul for the Day, watch some old films on TV, or maybe binge watch “Twin Peaks”, because even if this was a “Roadies” featured Song, I can so hear it playing on “Twin Peaks” – can’t you?

Alas, it is a work day for me and I have a long to-do list, so instead, I will hit replay a few times and breathe in the Song. Maybe I’ll spin her whole Album later, too.

“A Little Crazy” (live from Audiotree Live, August 2017)

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