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When I think of Fiona Apple I immediately think of the 90’s, even though I have listened to her Music far past that decade. Perhaps its due to the fact that so many of the Songs off of her first two Albums resonated with me so deeply in the 90’s. I listen to them now and those first feelings of the girl I was then come to the surface. Fiona still feels like a sonic postcard singing me back to my late twenties.

I felt so lost back then, so transient, yet always so hopeful. I threw my heart into the ocean, tethering myself to the shifting tides, yet refusing to note any of the red flag dangers. That said, I saw myself full of holes that could never be filled, and scars that I thought no one would want to see.

Still, I kept loving and believing. I kept on dreaming and surviving.

Tidal was one of two go-to albums I clung to while going through recovering from an eating disorder. When the Pawn gifted me the courage to leave a bad relationship and to try for love with someone new. The other albums, though I do like them quite a bit, never have had the same impact on me. That said, the non-album song “Container”, used as the theme to the Showtime Series, The Affair, definitely resonates with who I am now.

Do you have a favorite Fiona Apple Song? If so, please share in the comments below. Here’s mine:

Fiona Apple Top 10 Songs Lyriquediscorde

Top 10 Fiona Apple Songs

1. “Sleep To Dream”
from the album, Tidal (1996)

2. “Paper Bag”
from the album, When the Pawn… (1999)

3. “I Know”
from the album, When the Pawn… (1999)

4. “Shadowboxer”
from the album, Tidal (1996)

5. “Container”
from the Showtime Series “The Affair” (no album)

6. “Carrion”
from the album, Tidal (1996)

7. “Fast As You Can”
from the album, When the Pawn… (1999)

8. “Extraordinary Machine”
from the album, Extraordinary Machine (2005)

9. “Werewolf”
from the album, The Idler Wheel… (2012)

10 “Pale September”
from the album, Tidal (1996)

Fiona Apple Top 10 Tuesday Top 10 Songs Lyriquediscorde 

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