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“Sweet Illusions” by Ryan Adams And The Cardinals

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“Sweet Illusions” is the second Track on Ryan Adams And The Cardinals 2005 Album, Cold Roses, Ryan’s sixth studio Album, and his first with The Cardinals.

“Sweet Illusions” by Ryan Adams And The Cardinals

The Album itself was born out of pain and recovery. In January of 2004, while performing live in Liverpool, UK, Ryan broke his left wrist after slipping off-stage and falling six feet into an orchestra pit. His recovery and rehab spanned months, and during that time Ryan had to learn to play guitar again. During that time he became inspired by Jerry Garcia because, as Ryan is quoted as saying, “he wasn’t afraid to fuck up.” He also became more in tune with Bob Dylan. This fascination, with Dylan and The Dead, led to the formation of The Cardinals, and the Album Cold Roses.

Cold Roses Ryan and the Cardinals Album Cover SOTD Lyriquediscorde

A character in a book I keep plugging away at writing has this song in his character playlist. It relates not just to who he is, but how he relates to the world, and how he exists in, and out of relationships. Especially the following lyric:

“You never knew me,
but I did my best.
I’m just lonely inside I guess.”

There are parts of “Sweet Illusions” that lead me to one fate for said character, and parts of the Song that have me contemplating an entirely different direction. Music is such a muse to me – I’m so grateful for its presence in my life.

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals Sweet Illusions Lyriquediscorde SOTD

“Sweet Illusions” (live, August 2016, Greenbelt Harvest Picnic in Hamilton, Ontario) by Ryan Adams

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