Northern Soul Monday Lyriquediscorde

Northern Soul Monday’s second Track of the New Year is another Northern Soul Stomper that should pack the dancefloor – real, or in your imagination. This Week’s selection is “That Beatin’ Rhythm” by Richard Temple (also known as Jimmy Conwell), released on Mirwood Records. Are you ready to turn up the volume on this week’s Northern Soul Monday Track?

“That Beatin’ Rhythm” by Richard Temple

Richard Temple, also known as Jimmy Conwell, recorded “That Beatin’ Rhythm” in 1966, for Mirwood Records.

Mirwood Records was an American record label founded by former Vee-Jay executive Randy Wood in Los Angeles in 1965.

The Track was first played at The Blue Note Club, followed after by the Song “Wheel”.

The Blue Note Manchester UK Club Beat


The Track was referred to as “Do the Skate”, as the Lyrics could not be made out at the Allnighter it launched at, due to it being a mono single (imported from the US in 1967), but the crowd could hear Temple shout “Skate!”

The first DJ to import the Song from the US was Dave Lomas, who lent it out to the Twisted Wheel DJ to play after he acquired the Single on an auction list. Later he played it until the grooves wore out while he was a DJ at The Blue Note (see his photo above with DJ Phylis).

There is little to be found on Richard Temple, or his alias Jimmy Conwell, beyond listings for the Music made. Songs such as “Let’s Do the Duck” (Temple) and “Cigarettes and Ashes” (Conwell) – and both “names” associated with Today’s Northern Soul selection, “That Beatin’ Rhythm”.

Northern Soul Dancing That Beatin Rhythm Northern Soul Monday Lyriquediscorde

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Dancing not required (but recommended).


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