“Foot of the Mountain” by Paul Weller

Weller Wednesday Lyriquediscorde

“Foot of the Mountain” (live, acoustic) by Paul Weller

Welcome to the first Weller Wednesday of 2018 featuring a live, acoustic version of the 1993 Weller Song, “Foot of the Mountain”, originally off of the 1993 Solo Album, Wild Wood. There is nothing quite like acoustic Weller. His Lyrics and Vocal tone are made for the stripped down beautiful simplicity an acoustic set provides. To me, when Weller performs like this, it feels like he is telling a story, and that story itself comes alive more than an Album track, or full band rendition does. Though I appreciate every style and sound of Weller, acoustic Weller is by far my favorite.

Paul Weller Acoustic Weller Wednesday

Comparisons to Nick Drake and Neil Young come to mind when listening to “Foot of the Mountain”. In the book, Paul Weller: Sounds of the Studio (by Ian Snowball), the song is described as Weller managing to “capture all the earthiness of folk music and the nineties in one song.” Can you hear it? Both influences at play within this beautiful acoustic Track?

“Foot of the Mountain” (album version) by Paul Weller

“Foot of the Mountain” is Track 12 from the album Wild Wood, Weller’s 2nd Solo Record, released in September of 1993. The Album made it to # 2 on the UK Charts.

Wild Wood Paul Weller 1993 Album Weller Wednesday

What do you think of the live, acoustic version of Weller’s Song “Foot of the Mountain”? Do you have a favorite Song off of the 1993 Solo album, Wild Wood?

Be sure to stop back in next week to see what will be spinning at Lyriquediscorde for the next Weller Wednesday. You won’t want to miss it.




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