Seven Days by Azure Ray

Promise Songs and Poetry


Collision was inevitable
her eyes a green-gold
full of sidewalks
and speak-easys
like a post-punk Dorothy Parker
or a 70’s Woody Allen
before we despised him

She pulled me closer without moving
faint echoes of laughter
between the barrier walls
of yes
and I’m not sure

she imprinted on me
like handwritten letters
barely-there script
teaching me chapters
lies and lines
as she counted
waiting for my body to bend

We never spoke out loud
just whispers
lying motionless
desire spread out on a threadbare blanket
our hands darting in circles

We breathed in the highway
as she opened my palm
pretending to read a future
trembling lips, hips, fingertips
but you know what they say about
promises in the dark

But I wanted them
each hollow piece

We drove out after
right into some hurricane’s eye
I think they called her Rita

The rain beat down on the spider web windscreen
water leaking inside
I hit the gas

“Run like hell”
She screamed
Never say sorry
Never look back

Its midnight now
at the Garden of Gas
just this side-of-the-road

I’m on my knees
on some dirty bathroom floor
arms splayed out like a cross
if they call someone
can they fix me?

I left her there
in rainbow socks
in my memory
by the 2-for-a dollar chocolate bars

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