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“Fearless” by Pink Floyd – SOTD

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“Fearless” by Pink Floyd
from the album, Meddle (1971)
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“You pick the place,
and I’ll choose the time,
and I’ll climb,
the hill in my own way.”

Fearless Pink Floyd Meddle 1971 Song of the Day

“Fearless” is track 3 from the 1971 Pink Floyd album Meddle, which was released 46 years ago today. It is considered one of the bands “Greatest Hits”, despite never being released as a single in the UK, and only ever being played live once.

The song was released at a “B-Side” to the single “One of These Days”, in 1971, but never as its own “A-Side”.

It is said that this “A-Side”/”B-Side” has an interesting, and assumed intentional twist to it. “One Of These Days” is said to have been a jab at a DJ that the band disliked. While “Fearless” is said to be giving thanks to BBC-1’s DJ John Peel for his support of the band since their earliest days.

“One of These Days”

Pink Floyd One of These Days Single with B-Side Fearless

“Fearless” has a slow tempo with a mellow acoustic sound, which is the tone of most of the first side of Meddle. David Gilmour and Roger Waters wrote the song on guitar, using an open tuning in G-major. Roger Waters has said that former Pink Floyd member, Syd Barrett, taught him the chord.

There is a live crowd that comes in at the end of the song. The audio of said crowd is a recording of fans in Liverpool’s Kop singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (the anthem of the Liverpool Football Club).

Fearless Pink Floyd SOTD

Meddle and “Fearless” – This Year’s Favorite

Meddle became one of mine and my boyfriend’s favorite albums this year as we re-discovered it on 8-Track. We have a growing collection of 8-Tracks, and though there are many that we love, it is Meddle that we have listened to the most. This song is my favorite from the album.

Lyrically, to me, the song is about finding your own way in the world and finding it at your own pace. That message is especially poignant to me as I get older and recognize that my life is still evolving and that dreams and goals can change form, and become realized, at the best, and most interesting of times.

This was one of the first songs I heard this morning. My boyfriend sent it to me with a text about Meddle being released today, 46 years ago. I immediately knew “Fearless” had to be today’s Song of the Day.

SOTD David Gilmour Roger Waters 1971

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