“Let Forever Be” by The Chemical Brothers – SOTD

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“Let Forever Be” by The Chemical Brothers
from the album, Surrender (1999)
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“And how does it feel like to wake up in the sun?
And how does it feel like to shine on everyone?”

Let Forever Be Chemical Brothers Song of the Day Dance

“Let Forever Be” is the 2nd single released off of The Chemical Brothers 3rd studio album, Surrender. The album and the single came out in 1999. The song features Noel Gallagher on vocals. Noel is also credited as a songwriter for this track, as he co-wrote the song with The Chemical Brothers.

This song was the 4th top 10 single in the UK for The Chemical Brothers. It peaked at # 9 on the UK Singles Chart. It was also one of their biggest US hits, peaking at #29 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks Chart.

Michael Gondry, director of my favorite film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, directed the music video for “Let Forever Be”. It utilizes ground-breaking video and film effects of the time as a young woman’s nightmares come to life. Ray Davies’ 1975 Granada TV production Starmaker is credited as the inspiration for this video. The 1934 film Dames, specifically the “I Only Have Eyes For You” dance sequence, is also credited as a muse to this quintessential video.

“I Only Have Eyes For You” from Dames (1934)

SOTD The Chemical Brothers Let Forever Be Single

The first time I remember hearing this song was while driving around with two friends of mine through downtown Los Angeles. It was the opening track of a mix CD that my friend, whose car we were in, had slid into the stereo. It was just past the middle of the night yet there were still cars on the road. The lights of the city and the headlights seemed to move to the beat of this song.

SOTD The Chemical Brothers and Noel Gallagher Let Forever Be

At the time I didn’t realize it was Noel Gallagher singing. But, when I came across the song early this morning and had it turned up loud in my car I recognized him. As soon as I could I looked it up, and found out that he co-wrote and sang on “Let Forever Be”.

“Making ‘Let Forever Be'” by The Chemical Brothers

Chemical Brothers 1999 Song of the Day

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