Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day – October 9, 2017

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Bring on a case of the Mondays and Lyriquedisocorde will exchange it with today’s Top 5 Music Obsessions. This week’s Monday Edition of the Top 5 includes 3 songs inspired by a re-read of my all-time favorite book, God-Shaped Hole by Tiffanie DeBartolo, a song from one of the Spotify created “Your Daily Mix”, and 1 from this week’s Spotify created “Your Discover Weekly” playlists. The 5 together created a melancholic meets romantic mix that fits perfectly into my mindset today. Every song builds off the next, wrapping around like a favorite blanket while prickling on emotions and memories that have me wanting to work on my novel again (something that I’ve been terribly stalled at lately).

Song 1 is my all-time favorite Jeff Buckley song, “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over”. In the new printing of God-Shaped Hole, Tiffanie DeBartolo added a prologue that talks directly about Jeff Buckley and the influence his music had on the book. This song, in particular, was mentioned as an emotional trigger to Tiffanie’s emotions when first hearing it on a plane ride, and how it eventually led to her writing the book. Next up is “Up the Down Escalator” by The Chameleons. This was song 1 on today’s “Your Daily Mix” (mix 1) and after hearing it play I hit repeat 5 times, a definite sign of a “Music Obsession of the Day”. Björk’s song “Come To Me”, off of her album Debut is on this week’s “Your Daily Mix”. Upon hearing it I was reminded how much I love Debut, and also who I was/what my life looked and felt like when I was first obsessed with the album and all the songs on it. Song 4 is “Wild Wood” from Paul Weller, a huge favorite artist/musician/songwriter/”Modfather” here at Lyriquediscorde. I am seeing Weller for the first time ever this month and I just can’t wait. Nick Drake’s song, “Day Is Done” completes today’s Top 5. This song is off Drake’s album Five Leaves Left, an album mentioned earlier in the story of Trixie and Grace, in God-Shaped Hole. This song is one of my best-loved off of the album, and I hope you enjoy it, too.

I hope you enjoy these 5 songs, and that they help you make it through any case of the Monday’s you might have. Click the Spotify and YouTube links above to hear today’s Top 5, as well as the rest of the week, as it unfolds. Don’t miss a single day!

Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day – 10/9/17

1. “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” by Jeff Buckley

“It’s never over.
My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder.”

Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day Jeff Buckley Song 1

2. “Up the Down Escalator” by The Chameleons

“I’m gazing up at the faces staring blankly at me,
I suppose it’s just a sign of the times.”

Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day The Chameleons Song 2

3. “Come to Me” by Björk

“You know that I adore you.
You know that I love you.
So, don’t make me say it.
It would burst the bubble,
break the charm.”

Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day Bjork Song 3

4. “Wild Wood” by Paul Weller

“High tide,
mid afternoon,
people fly by,
in the traffics boom.”

Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day Paul Weller Song 4

5. “Day Is Done” by Nick Drake

“When the day is done,
when the night is cold,
some get by,
but some get old.”

Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day Nick Drake Song 5

Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day for Monday

I hope you enjoy today’s Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring Jeff Buckley, The Chameleons, Björk, Paul Weller, and Nick Drake.

Be sure to Tune in tomorrow for the next round of Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day.

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