Song of the Day The Bees These Are The Ghosts

“These Are the Ghosts” by The Bees

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“These Are the Ghosts” (Undead Version) by The Bees
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“These are the ghosts I made myself,
I made myself.”

Song of the Day These Are the Ghosts by The Bees

“These are the Ghosts” (Undead Version) is a bonus track off of the 2005 album, Free the Bees, by The Bees. The album version is the first song on the album, and the “Undead Version” is the last song.

The album, Free the Bees, is the second studio album by The Bees. It was originally planned to be recorded in the shed of Paul Butler, part one of the core duo that makes up The Bees. Instead, though, the band decided to record it at the famous Abbey Road Studios.

Song of the Day Free the Bees Album

“These Are the Ghosts” by The Bees

As children, the three of us would build the kind of forts you make with blankets and chairs backed into one another. We created tunnels that way, with the added use of 1975 TV tray tables, the set that my Grandmother had given us the previous Christmas.

There was one flashlight that we shared between us. Just one. And, we would pass it off to each other when it was our turn to tell a scary story. Sometimes, we would like on our backs, our feet outstretched and peeking a little outside of our suburban, indoor campsite.
The light and shadow casts would play in-between the crinkles and bends in the blankets, and we would point at the shapes as if they were a ghostly set of clouds before us. We made them part of our spooky stories.
Our parents would be in the front room, playing music loudly, their drunken laughter competing with the sound. Sometimes I would try to incorporate each song into my story, ghosts carved out of Fleetwood Mac and Joni Mitchell lyrics.
Sometimes I wish I had written them all down.

“These are the Ghosts” (live) by The Bees

The Bees SOTD These Are the Ghosts (Undead Version) October 3

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