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“Landed” by Ben Folds – SOTD

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“Landed” by Ben Folds
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“If you wrote me off,
I’d understand it,
’cause I’ve been on,
some other planet.
So, come pick me up,
I’ve landed.”

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“Landed” is the first single off of the Ben Folds’ album, Songs for Silverman. It was released in April of 2005. The album’s name comes from Ben Goldman, Ben Folds’ former A&R representative at Sony BMG.

Ben explains:

“I was always sending songs to him for the album, so I wanted to name it after him. But somebody (from Sony) found out and flipped out, so I changed it a bit and turned it in.”

“Landed” reached # 77 on the Billboard Hot 100 and # 40 on the Adult Top 40, in 2005. The single was supposed to be released in the UK, as well, but ended up being canceled. It did become a digital-only release in the U.S.

Ben told MTV News that the song, “Landed”, was inspired by a close friend who got divorced:

He went through a really, really rough time with his horrible witch of a wife and then he got out of it. ‘Landing’ just refers to his flight back to his hometown and so him coming back to being himself.”

SOTD Ben Folds Landed

“Landed” by Ben Folds

The song reminds me of going through a break-up, specifically of going through a divorce. There are moments of feeling lost and as if you are wading through the fog and deep water, and there are other moments where you feel completely free. The latter can feel like landing in a different country and stepping out into the unknown, or it could be the familiarity of going “back home”.

There is a coming back into oneself again, with eyes wide open. A self-reuniting one might say, as well as re-connecting with those you may have lost track of, let go of, or disappeared from.

“Landed” (live) by Ben Folds

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