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“Black Balloon” by The Kills – SOTD

Lyriquediscorde Song of the Day

“Black Balloon” by The Kills
Song of the Day

“Let the weather have his way with you.”

Song of the Day The Kills

Death ain’t nothing but a side-show

Tears run red
as you blame the atmosphere
the “at least it’s a dry heat” weather
my purposeless vampire dreaming

I say it’s all a reflection
a trick of all these hot lights
that suspension of belief, baby
“I’m not even the one crying”

Five deserted notions
in an oasis-less abandon
as I keep wiping my hands on worn fabric
Lady Macbeth’s got nothing on this stain

Lies run blue
and you blame my disillusionment
the “left by her daddy” decay
my endless accusatory refraining

I say it’s all a reaction
a slip into another girl’s remains
that careless disregard of barely breathing
“I’m not the one whose dying”

The Kills SOTD


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