Top 10 Joseph Arthur Songs

Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Joseph Arthur Songs for Top 10 Tuesday

It was a case of “as heard on TV” that my first encounter with Joseph Arthur’s music took place. The OC had one hell of a soundtrack, and two of Arthur’s songs were notably featured in the first season, In the Sun and Honey and the Moon. They both became instant favorites of mine, and individually, these two songs made their way into many playlists and mixes over the years.

For a long spell these were the only songs I was familiar with, that is, until I started to dive into his extensive discography, discovering along the way that those two songs were just the start of a musical love affair I’d soon find myself immersed in.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Joseph Arthur play live, and got to hear so many of my favorites while I stood close to the small stage at The Troubadour in Los Angeles. The show was amazing and I highly encourage you to check him out live the next time he plays at a venue near you.

Check-out his art if you get a chance, as well.

Joseph Arthur Top 10 Songs Live Art

Its time to pull together a Top 10 list of my favorite Joseph Arthur songs. I would love to know what your favorites are – please share in the comments below.

Top 10 Joseph Arthur Songs

1. “Honey And The Moon”
from the album, Redemption’s Son

“Don’t know why I’m still afraid,
if you weren’t real I would make you up now.”

2. “Gypsy Faded”
from the album, The Graduation Ceremony

“I guess there’s always a chance of us coming back together,
but that seems unlikely in this kind of weather.
I just never saw it coming so forgive me the shock,
of becoming a stranger walking down my own block.
I’m getting over it though,
you are fading from my view,
and soon I hope you will be gone as I have been gone for you.
I do however want to say that I wish you the best.
past the anger of betrayal and the need to second guess.”

3. “In the Sun”
from the album, Come to Where I’m From

“And being caught in between,
all you wish for and all you seen,
and trying to find anything you can feel that you can believe in.”

4. “I Miss the Zoo”
from the album, Ballad of Boogie Christ

“I miss illusions begging to be chased,
even as they disappear into me erased,
until there is no one or nothing but the chase,
and a powdery ghost with no face or faith,
and the woman of my dream disappearing without grace.”

5. Favorite Girl
from the album, Junkyard Hearts

“In your version of this world,
you’re everybody’s favorite girl.”

Top 10 Joseph Arthur Songs Red

6. “Redemption’s Son”
from the album, Redemption’s Son

“Angel of love,
shine a light on us.”

7. “Currency of Love”
from the album, The Ballad of Boogie Christ

“Sideways and broken,
confused upside-down,
with you in my circus,
I go from strongman to clown.
I have no real weapon,
but a fist or a shove,
I have no real currency,
but the currency of love.”

8. Saint of Impossible Causes
from the album, The Ballad of Boogie Christ

“I need the saint of music,
I need the saint of love.”

9. “Out on a Limb”
from the album, The Graduation Ceremony

“Time won’t run away from me,
like you always do.”

10. “Satellite of Love”
from the album, Lou

“Satellite’s gone way up to Mars,
soon it’ll be filled with parkin’ cars,
I watched it for a little while,
I love to watch things on TV.”

Top 10 Joseph Arthur Natural Light Glow

3 Replies to “Top 10 Joseph Arthur Songs”

  1. HI ,I,m so happy to have found your site. I love JA so much too. I have never been able to see him live, but I just adore him. I have for quite a while now, since Redemption’s Son and then I went back and bought CTWIF and loved it too, but differently, of course. I suppose my favorite album for now is RSon and I really do like Come Back World, even though some people don’t- I guess the reviews have been mixed… but who cares about reviews, its what YOU feel , right! I have every album of his except, it seems from your favorite songs, Boogie Christ(its on my list next) and I don’t have Temporary people or some of his ep’s or redemption city or any of his collaborations. I just got The Graduation Ceremony. I love the more mellow, romantic songs on that disc… I’m old I still buy used CD’s from Amazon(Ha,Ha, I know that’s funny – I don’t know how old you are?) I also enjoy Our shadows will Remain, but I find I can’t listen to it too often, just every once in a while.The only disc I didn’t keep was his 1st BCS, but I do like the title track on The Gypsy Tea Room Live CD. There are too many songs to name, I honestly forget which ones stand out. Ill get back to you as I listen if I can find your page again…(i’m new to the 21st century) A few are RS , Famous friend’s along the Coast, In the sun , Marmalade Eyes, The Family, The Real You, Come Back World, Exhausted, Echo Park, and Watch our Shadows Run to name 10 I could think of from the cases I do have, which is all but I think 2. Anyway, sorry this is so long, you probably won’t even reply, but I hope you do. Thanks, Lori…P.S. I like Aimee Mann too. I only own the Magnolia Soundtrack though, but I like it, I don’t listen enough!

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