Weller Wednesday :: “The Cranes Are Back”

Weller Wednesday, Paul Weller

Weller Wednesday :: “The Cranes Are Back” (Live) :: Paul Weller

It’s time again for Weller Wednesday, that Special time and place where we Listen to, Learn about, and Turn Up the Volume to the Quintessential Music of Paul Weller, in all of his many Musical incarnations. This Week’s Weller Wednesday we are taking a Look, and Listen, to a Live Version of “The Cranes Are Back”. This Live Version is Soulful, Moving, Gorgeous, and full of a sense of Hope and Joy. We hope you will Press Play and Enjoy.

Paul Weller, The Cranes Are Back, Weller Wednesday

“The Cranes Are Back” (Live) :: Paul Weller
Originally from the Album, A Kind Revolution (2017)

“The cranes are back. 
I said, the cranes are back.
Go tell your Mama,
tell her spread the news.”

“The Cranes are Back” is Track 5 from the newly Released, 2017 Paul Weller Solo Album, A Kind Revolution. The Album was released on May 12, 2017, earlier this month, and is full of the Brilliant Singer-Songwriter Songs that only Paul Weller could weave together. This Song, “The Cranes are Back”, has been called out in various Reviews of the Album, noting it as one of the Best, “Must Here” Songs on A Kind Revolution.

The Song most certainly fits in with the idea of “a kind revolution”. Paul himself described the Song as being about Hope. That either the idea of cranes (as in birds) flying back after the Winter is a sign of good fortune and hope, but also, that the sight of cranes (as in construction vehicles) can also be a sign of the very same thing. New buildings representing new jobs and growth.

Paul Weller, The Cranes Are Back, Weller Wednesday

Paul Weller told Uncut Magazine:

“It’s a reaction to how the world is. In some cultures, when cranes – the birds – are back, it’s a sign of good fortune. But I was also thinking about the mechanical cranes, when you see them back in the city, it normally means industry and business is starting up again. It’s a song of hope, really.”

The Independent describes the Song as shifting “skillfully from reflective piano intro to a soft of psychedelic gospel climax.” I like the idea of a “psychedelic gospel climax”. That sounds like so much bigger-than-life emotions, colors and lyrical feelings.

To me, as with the overall Album, “The Cranes are Back” has a maturity and wisdom to it, and a sense of hope for life, this world, and the future that is different than the angry, yet incredibly wise, young Weller who packed Songs over full with cutting commentary on society and politics, and heartbreakingly real and raw looks at the day-in-the-life of everyday people.

Paul Weller, The Cranes Are Back, Weller Wednesday

“The Cranes are Back” does tap into both sides, but does it in a way that reflects the years gone by, and the changes that Weller has probably gone through. This is an evolved Weller Song, still full of political and societal commentary, still a real view of life and living, but with a “kinder revolutionary” wisdom.

“The Cranes Are Back” :: Paul Weller
Album Version

What do you think of the Live Version of “The Cranes are Back”?

What do you think of the Album Version of the Song?

We’d Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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