Weller Wednesday :: “Out of the Sinking”

Weller Wednesday, Paul Weller

Weller Wednesday :: “Out of the Sinking” (Live, Acoustic) :: Paul Weller

Welcome back to Weller Wednesday, this Special place and time where we Listen to, Learn about, and Turn Up the Volume to the Quintessential Music of Paul Weller, in all of his many Musical incarnations. This Week’s Weller Wednesday we are stopping into the NPR Studios, in Washington D.C., for a Tiny Desk Session Recorded Live, in 2015, to experience the Acoustic Gorgeousness of “Out of the Sinking”. We hope you Enjoy,

Paul Weller Tiny Desk NPR, Weller Wednesday

“Out of the Sinking” (Live, Acoustic) :: Paul Weller
Originally from the Album, Stanley Road (1995)

It is shining for me,
all I need to be,
but, I can’t find the key,
the one to make me believe.”

“Out of the Sinking” is Track 9 from the 1995 Paul Weller Solo Album, Stanley Road, an Album that has been described as “Britpop” in sensibilities, and which marks yet another “comeback”, of sorts, for Weller. Stanley Road was Weller’s 3rd Solo Album, and “Out of the Sinking” was Released as a Single The Beatles’ “Sexy Sadie”, and Weller’s “Sunflower” included.

Paul Weller Out of the Sinking, Weller Wednesday

“Out of the Sinking” touches on, and uses as Musical metaphor, water, boats and the ocean, three often repeated themes in Weller’s Music, especially within his Solo Works.

Hey baby say,
just what you’re thinking.
Know I know it,
feel I’m sinking.
Know I feel it,
I know you feel it, too.
Across the water,
there’s a boat that will take us away.”

Paul Weller Tiny Desk Concert, Weller Wednesday

Paul Weller has said of the song:

I wanted to write a great English mod love song. How did I feel when I wrote this? Frightened, insecure, crazy but powerful. The middle section is pure Small Faces and proud.”

“Out of the Sinking” :: Paul Weller
Album Version

What do you think of the Tiny Desk Concert Version of “Out of the Sinking”? What do you think of the Album Version of the Song? We’d Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Be sure to stop back in Next Week to see what we will be Spinning for the Next Paul Weller – Weller Wednesday. You won’t want to miss it.


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