The B-52’s Wild Planet :: 8-Track Throwback Thursday

8-Track Throwback Thursday

The B-52’s Wild Planet :: 8-Track Throwback Thursday

It’s 8-Track Throwback Thursday Time Starring the best in 8-Tracks. Track 2 for this ongoing Feature is The B-52’s Wild Planet, which includes the Hit Songs “Private Idaho”, “Quiche Lorraine”, “Give Me Back My Man”, and “Party Out of Bounds”, among other Terrific Throwback Tunes.

The B-52's Wild Planet, 8-Track Throwback Thursday

The year was 1980. The B-52’s released their 2nd Studio Album, Wild Planet, in April of that year. It reached # 18 on both the US and UK Charts.

As with their first Album, The B-52’s traveled to Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas to record Wild Planet. Several of the Songs from the Album had been Concert staples since 1978. The Band consciously did not record them for their first Album because they had too many Tracks and wanted a strong second Album. They also knew that Performing those Tracks Live would make Fans look forward to them on the Album.

The B-52's Wild Planet, 8-Track Throwback Thursday

The B-52’s On 8-Track:

I did not discover The B-52’s until a few years later. I first heard “Private Idaho” at a friend’s house. Her older brother, who was in a “Punk/New Wave” Band played it for us, on an 8-Track, after he’d picked us up from the Skate Ranch. I don’t remember if I heard any other Song on that Tape, but “Private Idaho” I remember vividly.

I also remember he rolled his eyes at me when we asked who was Playing, but later tossed us a cassette of Wild Planet to borrow. He didn’t give up his 8-Track for our Listening Education.

The B-52’s Wild Planet is another harder-to-find 8-Track Tape, as most of the New Wave genre seem to be. New Wave and Punk are our Favorites to find, and Listen to, though there are other Music Genres that we are enjoying as we delve deeper into 8-Track exploration.

The B-52's Wild Planet, 8-Track Throwback Thursday

The Track Lists Are As Follows:

  • Track 1 = “Party Out of Bounds”, “Dirty Back Road”, and “Runnin’ Around” (beginning)
  • Track 2 = “Runnin’ Around” (ending), “Give Me Back My Man”, and “Private Idaho”
  • Track 3 = “Devil in My Car” and “Strobe Light”
  • Track 4 = “Quiche Lorraine” and “53 Miles West of Venus”

As with Duran Duran’s Rio, from last week, this is a different order than the other versions of the Album are, but only by a one song switch. “Quiche Lorraine” and “Strobe Light” are switch in order, which I can only assume is due to Track space. I’m curious how many other differences in Song order we will find when Listening and Reviewing 8-Tracks for this Feature.

As ever, the 8-Track Sound is Stellar. As I mentioned last week, on a list of what formats I prefer Hearing an Album off of, 8-Track is in 2nd place, after Vinyl – but they are becoming very close in order, almost tied for the Top. There is a warmth to 8-Tracks that you do not find on Cassette, and that definitely is missing in the more precise, yet sterile, CD and Digital file.

The B-52's Wild Planet, 8-Track Throwback Thursday

Favorite Song on the 8-Track? Though I’m temped to pick my First Ever Heard B-52’s Song, “Private Idaho”, I’m going to have to say it is actually “Quiche Lorraine”.

“Quiche Lorraine”

8-Track Throwback Thursday

Tune in next week to see what’s next from our ever-changing collection. Maybe it will be one of your favorites on the Tape Deck next week. Be sure to come back again.

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