Just Brothers :: Sliced Tomatoes :: Northern Soul Monday

Northern Soul Monday, Best Northern Soul Music

Just Brothers :: Sliced Tomatoes :: Northern Soul Monday


Just Brothers, Northern Soul Monday, Best Northern Soul Music

In this latest Installment of The Best of Northern Soul Music Monday we bring you a Northern Soul Classic from the Just Brothers called “Sliced Tomatoes”. This Week’s Song is Addictive and Dance-Hypnotic. It will make you want to get up – Right Now – and move. It will have you hitting that Repeat button too, over and over again, because One LIsten is just not enough of this Quintessential Northern Soul Track. Turn this One Up Loud. You won’t regret it.

Northern Soul Dancefloor, Northern Soul Monday, Best Northern Soul Music

“Sliced Tomatoes” entered the Dance Floors in 1972 and was a Smash Hit. If it Sounds familiar to you in a more 90’s than 70’s way it may be because Fatboy Slim sampled the Song in their Hit “The Rockafeller Skank”, released in 1998.

“The Rockafeller Skank” :: Fatboy Slim

Can you hear it?

The Just Brothers were the American Musical Duo made up of brothers Jimmy and Frank Bryant, along with several Session Musicians. “Sliced Tomatoes” was their Huge Hit when it hit those Dance Floors in 1972.

Frank Bryant became a Session Musician in the mid-1960’s in Detroit, his hometown, while his brother Jimmy was off completing his military service. Frank’s early credits included the bass line on Gino Washington’s “Gino is a Coward”, and Vocals on J.J. Barnes’ Song, “Lonely No More”, at Mickay’s Records.

Frank also Co-Wrote J.J.’s “Deeper in Love”, and Steve Mancha’s “Let’s Party”.

When his brother Jimmy returned, the Bryan Brothers were recruited together into a Session Group for Winifred Terry of The Drifters by Richard Allen, the group’s Drummer. The Session was intended to Record a Song called “Honey”, along with a B-Side for it. The Musical Tracks were completed when the hired Vocalist was deemed unfit to Record the Song. Frank took the opportunity to point out his and Jimmy’s Vocal Talent. Convinced by Frank, Terry agreed to give them a Shot at Recording the 2 Songs.

At the subsequent Session the Bryant Brothers Sang on “Honey”, and on their own Songs, “Things Will Get Better’, and “She Broke His Heart.”

The Track recorded to be the B-Side was none other than “Sliced Tomatoes” – our Featured Northern Soul Song of the Week!

“Sliced Tomatoes” was released in 1965 backed with “Things Will Get Better” on the Lupine Record Label. Later that same year a pairing of “She Broke His Heart” and “Things Will Get Better” were released on Terry’s Empire Record Label. “Carlena” was later released, as well, on Terry’s other Label, Garrison. None of the Tracks were successful, and the Bryant Brothers returned to Session Work.

In 1969, with a new member, Willie Kendrick, the Just Brothers (new name) negotiated a deal at Johnny Nash’s Label, Jomada. They recorded on Unreleased Track before being dropped by Jomada. Terry helped out the Group again by organizing a re-release of “Sliced Tomatoes” on the Music Merchant Label (see picture below), in 1972.

Just Brothers Sliced Tomatoes, Northern Soul Monday, Best Northern Soul

The Just Brothers went on to Record two New Tracks, “Tears Ago” and “You’ve Got the Love to Make Me Over” for the Music Merchant Label, originally meant for an uncompleted Album. These ended up backing “Sliced Tomatoes” on its Single Releases.

“Sliced Tomatoes” became a Huge, Quintessential Northern Soul Staple.

The Bryant Brothers later Fronted a Local Group named the Firebirds, but nothing surpassed “Sliced Tomatoes” for the brothers.

Jimmy Bryant died in 1996, two years before Fatboy Slim would sample “Sliced Tomatoes”.

“Sliced Tomatoes” – Doesn’t it make you want to Dance, too?

“Sliced Tomatoes” marks our 6th Installment of the Best Northern Soul Music Monday. I hope you Enjoyed the Northern Soul Music. Be sure to check back every Monday for more of the Best Northern Soul Music to start your Week out Right!

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  1. How about What? by Judy Street? There’s a Ghost in my House. What a highly underrated genre! Thanks for posting. Keep the Faith.

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