Where were you in 1983? A Throwback Thursday Playlist

Throwback Thursday, TBT


Where were you in 1983? A Throwback Thursday Playlist


“Is There Something I Should Know?” :: Duran Duran
“The Lovecats” :: The Cure
“Love On Your Side” :: Thompson Twins
“Borderline” :: Madonna
“True” :: Spandau Ballet
“Sugar Hiccup” :: Cocteau Twins
“Spellbound” :: Siouxsie & The Banshees
“Nobody’s Diary” :: Yazoo
“Love is a Stranger” :: Eurythmics
“Blue Highway” :: Billy Idol
“Your Silent Face” :: New Order
“Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly) :: The Icicle Works
“Baby Let Me Scream at You” :: Adam Ant
“Karma Chameleon” :: Culture Club
“Do You Want to Hold Me?” :: Bow Wow Wow
“China Girl” :: David Bowie
“Saved by Zero” :: The Fixx
“Oldest Story in the World” :: The Plimsouls
“Reap the Wild Wind” :: Ultravox
“Love in Itself” :: Depeche Mode
“Make a Circuit with Me” :: The Polecats
“Doctor Love” :: Bananarama
“Wings of a Dove” :: Madness
“Cool Places” :: Sparks & Jane Wiedlin
“Oblivious” :: Aztec Camera
“Every Day I Write the Book” :: Elvis Costello & The Attractions
“Overkill” :: Men At Work
“Let Me Go” :: Heaven 17
“Doot Doot” :: Freur

Where were you in 1983? via YouTube


  1. I remember seeing so many of the videos for these on MV3 when I got home from school. We didn’t have cable so no MTV for us lol. No Wall of Voodoo? Or was that in 1982? Love the flashbacks.


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