Duran Duran Rio :: 8-Track Throwback Thursday

8-Track Throwback Thursday

Duran Duran Rio :: 8-Track Throwback Thursday

It’s 8-Track Throwback Thursday time Starring the Best in 8-Tracks. Track 1 for this ongoing Feature is Duran Duran’s Rio, which includes the hit Songs “Rio”, “Hungry Like the Wolf”, and “Save a Prayer”, among other Terrific Throwback Tunes.

Duran Duran, 8-Track Throwback Thursday

The year was 1982. Duran Duran released their 2nd Studio Album, Rio, in May of that year. It reached # 2 in the UK and # 1 in Australia. The Album was re-released in the US in November of that year. It earned a Gold Disc in March of 1983, and went Platinum in April of 1983. It peaked at # 6 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart in the US in March 1983, and remained there for 129 weeks.

I had almost every format in 1982. The first was a Vinyl Album given to me by my best friend on Christmas in 1982. Next up was a cassette that I bought to play in my first car because I had to have Duran Duran with me on the road. Much later I had a CD copy, as well, bought at Tower Records.

Duran Duran Rio, 8-Track Throwback Thursday

Rio on 8-Track

It took until 2017 for an 8-Track Tape of Rio to make its way to me. A new hobby obsession of mine, and my boyfriend’s, is 8-Tracks and the collection we are building spawned the idea of adding an 8-Track feature on Throwback Thursday. Each week we will feature an 8-Track Title and include a little Album history, as well as thoughts about the 8-Track itself, and, when a few Stories, here and there, of finding and collecting (and repairing) 8-Track Tapes.

Duran Duran’s Rio is a harder-to-find 8-Track, as most of the New Wave genre tends to be. New Wave and Punk are our Favorites to find, and Listen to, though there are other Music Genres that we are enjoying. We did finally find Rio via eBay, and were quick to make it ours. It is 1 out of 2 Duran Duran Albums that made it to 8-Track, the other being the Live Album Arena, which we are still on the lookout for.

Duran Duran Rio 8-Track, 8-Track Throwback Thursday

The Track Lists are as follows:

  • Track 1 = “Rio” and “Hold Back the Rain”
  • Track 2 = “My Own Way”, “Last Chance on the Stairway”, and “Save a Prayer” (beginning)
  • Track 3 = “Save a Prayer” (ending) and “New Religion”
  • Track 4 = “The Chauffeur”, “Lonely in Your Nightmare”, and “Hungry Like the Wolf”

This is a different order than the other versions of the Album play. Rio usually ends with “The Chauffeur”. This 8-Track order threw me off, at first, though it is interesting to have the 2 Big Hits as Musical Bookends. I actually really like “Hold Back the Rain” coming in right after “Rio”, though I think I am still partial to “The Chauffeur” being that final Track.

As ever, the 8-Track’s Sound is Stellar. On a list of what formats I prefer Hearing an Album from 8-Track is in 2nd place, after Vinyl. There is a warmth to 8-Tracks that you do not find on Cassette, and that definitely is lacking in the more precise, yet sterile, CD and Digital file.

Favorite Song on the Album? That one has always been a tough one with the Album, and this Band, but for today I will say it is “Save a Prayer”, which starts on Track 2 and clicks on to Track 3.

“Save a Prayer”

8-Track Throwback Thursday

Tune in Next Week to see what’s next from our ever-changing collection, maybe it will be one of your Favorites on the Tape Deck.

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