Songs About Fashion :: Friday Five

Friday Five

This Week’s Friday Music Theme is Fashion, and all things associated. Its a pretty wide Theme, with room for all kinds of interpretation – Shoes, Hats, Dresses, Pants, etc. This one may require its own Playlist, but for now, in the Friday Five spirit, let’s take a Look, and Listen, at the Top Five Best Fashion Songs.

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Songs About Fashion :: Friday Five

1. “Fashion” :: David Bowie

Turn to the left
We are the goon squad,
and we’re coming to town.”

2. “Famous Blue Raincoat” (live) :: Leonard Cohen

Well I see you there with the rose in your teeth,
one more thin gypsy thief.
Well, I see Jane’s awake.
She sends her regards.

3. “Blue Jeans” :: Blur

I don’t really want to change a thing.
I want to stay this way forever.”

4. “Sad Dress” :: Belly

Think about Dixie,
she ducked when she ran.
Made up three bad reasons to stand by her man.”

5. “Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts” (live) :: The Gaslight Anthem

We like our choruses sung together.
We like our arms in our brothers’ arms.
Call every girl we ever met Maria,
but I only love Virginia’s heart.

That does it for today’s Fashionable Five featuring Five of the Best Fashion Songs. What would you add to the list?

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