“Movin’ on Up” :: Primal Scream :: Best Britpop Music Tuesday

Primal Scream is up next for this Installment of The Best of Britpop Music Tuesday. The Song, “Movin’ On Up”, is one of the Band’s Biggest Britpop Hits, a Quintessential Primal Scream, and Britpop Track from 1991. The Album, Screamadelia, is a Classic 90’s Britpop Album, and “Movin’ On Up” is not only the Big Hit from the Album, but it is also the Opening Track. So, have a seat, adjust your speakers, or throw on a pair of headphones, turn that Volume Up, and let’s have a listen, and learn a bit, about one of the Best Britpop Bands and Songs with this week’s feature on Primal Scream’s Song, “Movin’ On Up”.

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“Movin’ On Up”

I was blind,
now I can see.
You made a believer out of me.
I was blind,
now I can see,
You made a believer out of me.”

Primal Scream Movin' On Up, Music, Britpop, Best Britpop Music, Britpop Tuesday

“Movin’ On Up”, by Primal Scream, is the Opening Track from the Band’s 1991 Album, Screamadelica. The Song has been described as an “Ecstasy-fueled Gospel Gem”, as well as “gospel glory and drugged-out Britpop”.

Screamadelica is Primal Scream’s 3rd Studio Album, released in September of 1991 in the UK by Creation Records, and in October of 1991 by Sire Records. It was the Band’s 1st Album to become a commercial success, peaking at # 8 on the UK Albums Chart upon its initial release. The Album won the 1st Mercury Music Prize in 1992, and has sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

“Movin’ on Up” was the Primal Scream’s breakthrough Hit in the US, reaching # 2 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart, and also making # 28 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

Primal Scream Screamadelica, Albums, Music, Best Britpop Music, Britpop Tuesday

The Album was a notable departure from their early “Indie Rock” sensibilities and sounds, drawing inspiration from the House Music and Rave Scene, as well as the associated drugs/drug culture of the time. The Band enlisted House DJ’s Andrew Weatherall and Terry Farley to help with producing the Album. The Album includes Dub and Gospel influences, as well as Britpop.

Bobby Gillespie, of Primal Scream, also sites The Beach Boys’ Album Pet Sounds as an influence to the Album, Screamadelica.

You can hear all of these influences on “Movin’ On Up”.

Primal Scream, Movin' On Up, Music, Britpop, Best Britpop, Britpop Tuesday

“Movin’ On Up” (live, 2011)

Thanks for joining in for another Best of Britpop Music Tuesday, this time around featuring Primal Scream, their Stellar Album Screamadelica, and the Quintessential Britpop Track, “Movin’ On Up”. Tune in next Tuesday to see what Britpop Gem will be Spinning. Until then, Turn Up the Music and Enjoy.

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