Monday Movies

In Your Eyes (2014)
Written by Joss Whedon
Directed by Brin Hill

In Your Eyes, Movies, Monday Movies

Monday Movies

In Your Eyes, Movies, Monday Movies

“Sometimes when I’m with you, I forget myself.” ~ Rebecca

In Your Eyes, Movies, Monday Movies

“The best thing about myself – the only thing that I like – is you.” ~ Dylan

What if your true love lived miles and state lines away from you? What if you were married when you met him? What if your life was a mess when you met her? What if you still couldn’t stop yourself from talking every day, and slowly falling in love? What if you had known each other since you were small children? But, what if you’d never met before? What if she was the voice in your head? What if he was yours?

Are Rebecca and Dylan soul mates? Are they crazy? Are they some kind of destiny?

Joss Whedon and Brin Hill bring us In Your Eyes, a Speculative Fiction Story that reminded me a bit of Her, and a bit of Sense 8, in the plot and concept, but at the core of the Story, at its heart, it reminded me of some of my favorite non-typical love stories, like Barefoot, Untamed Heart, One Day, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Comet.


I do not want to give too much of the Story away, beyond what the Trailer above reveals. I will say that my Favorite parts of this Film were watching these characters open up, share parts of themselves in a way they had not before, the vulnerability and intimacy about it, the way you could feel them falling in love, that it felt real and believable and not rushed.

Beyond that though, I enjoyed the individual character development. Dylan and Rebecca, on their own, start shedding their lives, their walls they’ve hid behind, the places they have felt stuck, and are allowing themselves to change. Or, maybe it isn’t change at all, perhaps its just the two of them just becoming more.

In Your Eyes, Movies, Monday Movies

There were a few moments where I was left wanting more. I wanted to understand Rebecca’s childhood and her relationship with her mother. I wanted to also see more of her husband’s motivations and have him be more of a realized character, instead of a very “Yellow Wallpaper” kind of husband (lock the wife up if she causes too much trouble).

I also wanted to know what came next. But that part is alright not knowing. Sometimes its fun to just imagine that part myself.

I would love to read this as a book. I think the places I wanted more from, especially in terms of the secondary characters’ development, would happen in the pages of a novel.

hqdefault (1).jpg

Zoe Kazan (Rebecca) and Michael Stahl-David (Dylan) give nuanced, emotionally-rich and layered performances in this Film.

In Your Eyes, Movies, Monday Movies

I believed in their characters, I rooted for them, I even held my breath for them at certain parts of their Story. They are what makes this Film so good.

“Trouble I’m In” :: Twinbed

Oh, and the Film had some Fantastic Songs on the Soundtrack that weaved in-and-out of scenes, becoming part of the landscape and connection that brought Rebecca and Dylan closer and closer together.

“Crumblin'” :: Noah Maffitt & Jessica Freedman
Written by Joss Whedon

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