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Monday’s require a bit more than 5 Best Songs. Monday’s require a little extra something to keep us going, to light our fires, to kick that productivity in. Monday’s require a little more attitude. Monday’s require a 30 Song Audio slam to ignite everything inside us. This is Monday’s arsenal to take with you as you go. This is Monday’s Playlist – Here Comes Another Monday.

Here Comes Another Monday :: A Monday Playlist

Listen here on Spotify
Listen here on YouTube

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“Good Times Roll” :: The Cars
“Cherry Bomb” :: The Runaways
“Can the Can” :: Suzi Quatro
“20th Century Boy” :: T. Rex
“Fox On the Run” :: Sweet
“Seether” :: Veruca Salt
“Rebel Girl” :: Bikini Kill
“Rid of Me” :: PJ Harvey
“Rock Star” :: Hole
“Fuck & Run” :: Liz Phair
“Bad Reputation” :: Freedy Johnston
“Shut Up Kiss Me” :: Angel Olsen
“Like a Friend” :: Pulp
“When I Still Have Thee” :: Teenage Fanclub
“Ladykillers” :: Lush
“Movin’ On Up” :: Primal Scream
“Thirteen” :: Big Star
“We’re Going to be Friends” :: The White Stripes
“I Heard it Through the Grapevine” :: The Slits
“Girl from Mars” :: Ash
“Stars” :: Hum
“Lover’s Spit” :: Broken Social Scene
“Beautiful Freak” :: Eels
“Hangs the Moon” :: Arkells
“Even Though Our Love is Doomed” :: Garbage
“Waiting on a Friend” :: The Rolling Stones
“Sodajerk” :: Bufflao Tom
“Let’s Dance to Joy Division” :: The Wombats
“I Exhale” :: Underworld
“Just Lust” :: Joan Jett & The Blackhearts


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