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“Butterfly Collector” :: Garbage :: Under the Covers

Under the Covers

Under the Covers Sunday continues, the space where you can Press Play and have a listen to some of the Greatest Cover Songs, learn a little about them, and do a little Compare/Contrast between the Original and the Cover Version. Feel free to weigh in on each Cover Song in the comments below, and please feel free to throw some Cover Song suggestions down below in the comments.

Today’s Under the Covers Sunday installment features Garbage’s take on The Jam.

“Butterfly Collector” :: Garbage :: Under The Covers

Garbage. Music, Under the Covers, Cover Songs

Recommended to me last Sunday, this is a Cover Gem that I don’t remember ever hearing before. It comes at a time where I have been exploring and diving in deep to all things Paul Weller, so I was quite excited to hear one Favorite band of mine cover another Favorite band. “Butterfly Collector” can be found on the 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Self-Titled Garbage Album. It is darker than the original, and having this Song be Sung by Shirley versus Paul flips the plot a bit. There is more desperation here, more danger and pain that unravels verse by verse. A part of me feels like this version feels personal, confessional, as if the Singer and the “Butterfly Collector” are one in the same.

Have a listen…

“Butterfly Collector” :: Garbage
from the Album, Garbage (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition/Remastered)

Here is a Live Version, as well…

“Butterfly Collector” s the 13th Song on the Album Snap, released in 1983. It has been said to be a bitter expose of the London club scene, or more specifically, one particular club owner. Using and abusing bands to further his own aims and fame, Paul Weller is said to have pinned her to the wall, leaving the subject of the Song to squirm beneath is sharp-as-tacks Lyrics.

For weeks after the Single’s release the London Club Scene spread rumors as to who the Song’s subject was, but Paul Weller never confirmed, or let on.

When I listen to the Song I actually think more on the subject being an aging Groupie who has spent her life chasing after the high of loving Music and Bands. But, I suppose this is more personal and specific, and very pointed at the time of the Single’s release.

Shirley Manson describes the Song as being about “Star Fucking” (in the Live Video above), which harkens back to what I took the Song to mean. Perhaps this is her interpretation, the Story she gave it when Covering The Jam’s Song.

What is your take on it?

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“Butterfly Collector” :: The Jam

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