Songs About the Mouth :: Friday Five

Friday Five

This Week’s Friday Music Theme is The Mouth, and all things associated. Its a pretty wide Theme, with room for all kinds of interpretation. This one may require its own Playlist, but for now, in the Friday Five spirit, let’s take a Look, and Listen, at the Top Five Best Mouth Songs.

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Songs About the Mouth :: Friday Five

1. “Lips Like Sugar” (live) :: Echo & The Bunnymen

Lips like sugar,
sugar kisses.

2. “Freaky Teeth” (live) :: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Tell me what did you bequeath,
to the girl with the freaky teeth,
when she showed you things she’d stolen from the queen.
She took out your heart’s desire,
then she danced back into the fire,
with the holy men who’d stole your tambourine.”

3. “Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)” :: Garbage

With your cherry lips and golden curls,
you could make grown men gasp when you go walking past.”

4. “Smile Like You Mean It” :: The Killers

Save some face,
you know you’ve only got one.
Change your ways while you’re young.
Boy, one day you’ll be a man.
Oh girl,
he’ll help you understand.
Smile like you mean it.”

5. “Acid Tongue” (live) :: Jenny Lewis

‘Cause I’ve been down to Dixie,
and dropped acid on my tongue,
tripped upon the land ’til enough was enough.
I was a little bit lighter,
and adventure on my sleeve.
I was a little drunk,
and looking for company.

That does it for Today’s Mouthy Friday Five featuring Five of the Best Mouth Songs. What would you add to the list?

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