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Friday finally arrives, bringing with it the promise of adventures, of temporary freedom, and possibly long mornings sleeping in, also, it brings some of the Best Songs of the Week all ready for Pressing Play and Turning Up the Volume. Today’s My Top 5 Music Obsessions is set and ready for Singing-a-Long, for Dancing-a-Long, and for the onslaught of the Weekend. Are you ready for it, too? What Songs are you Spinning to bring on the Weekend with?

Song 1 is a Favorite of mine from The Cult, a Song that reminds me of getting ready to go out for the night. Next up is Bauhaus’ Cover of David Bowie, this one bringing to mind nights at clubs like Helter Skelter and Stigmata, “back in the day”. The 3rd one up is my Best Nine Inch Nails Track from the Debut Album, Pretty Hate Machine, “The Only Time”. Siouxsie & The Banshees (pictured above) keep us going with “Hong Kong Garden”, and the Top 5 winds up with The Subways “Rock & Roll Queen”, keeping the speakers shaking, and the energy high.

Click to listen to each video below, or choose the Spotify or YouTube link to listen to the My Top 5 Song Obsessions of the Day :: Top Five playlist. I add each five songs shared to both playlists each day, so they expand as the Month unfolds. Each Month will have its own ever-expanding Playlist, so if you missed a day, or a past week, its all there for your audio perusal.


1. “Love Removal Machine” :: The Cult

She said,
do all those things that you do to me,
you know what I mean, boy.
Do all those things that you do to me,

There are certain songs that immediately remind me of getting ready to go out, usually with my best friend, Music playing, clothes being tried on, strewn around, mixed and matched, make-up being carefully applied, hair being pulled back or worn long. And then the drive there, wherever “there” was that night, with the Music playing even louder, windows down, smoke in hand, the freeway lights pulsing almost in time with the Music. I know the Cassette to the Album that this Song is on was in my car almost consistently.

2. “Ziggy Stardust” :: Bauhaus

“Now Ziggy really sang,
screwed up eyes and screwed down hairdo,
like some cat from Japan
He could lick ’em by smiling.
He could leave ’em to hang.
‘Came on so loaded man,
well hung,
and snow white tan.”

The Lyrics to this Song are so vivid. I could always just see all of it, the Band, Ziggy, the Scene, the Story. All of it. This is a Great Cover of the Original. One of my Favorite Cover Songs of all-time.

3. “The Only Time” :: Nine Inch Nails

“I’m drunk,
and right now I’m so in love with you,
and I don’t want to think too much,
about what we should or shouldn’t do .
Lay my hands on heaven,
and the sun,
and the moon,
and the stars,
while the devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car.
Nothing quite like the feel of something new.”

This Song. I Loved it from the first time I listened to Pretty Hate Machine. It made its way to so many Mix Tapes, and Played Loudly in my car so often. It is a snapshot of a time in my life that is visceral, visual, and completely vivid. Memories that I can almost smell, hear, see, and taste – full sense recall.

4. “Hong Kong Garden” :: Siouxsie & The Banshees

“Harmful elements in the air,
cymbals crashing everywhere,
reap the fields of rice and reeds,
while the population swells.”

I woke up with this Song in my head. This Song always makes me want to Dance.

5. “Rock & Roll Queen” :: The Subways

“You are the sun.
You are the only one.”

And, this Song. How can you not Dance to this Song?

So, there you go Friday, we Turned you Up Loud and readied ourselves for the Weekend. We may have Danced a little, too. Tune in Tomorrow for a Bonus Saturday Edition of My Top 5 Music Obsessions. Enjoy!!