Where were you in 1992? :: A Throwback Thursday Playlist

Throwback Thursday, TBT

Where were you in 1992? :: A Throwback Thursday Playlist

Fire Walk With Me, Twin Peaks, Laura and Donna, 1992, Throwback Thursday

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“Precious Things” :: Tori Amos
“Lithium” :: Nirvana
“Weirdo” :: The Charlatans
“Old Red Eyes is Back” :: The Beautiful South
“Stay” :: Shakespears Sister
“Sleeping Satellite” :: Tasmin Archer
“Blood Makes Noise” :: Suzanne Vega
“James Brown is Dead” (Original Mix) :: L.A. Style
“Love U More” :: Sunscreem
“Hit” :: Sugarcubes
“Damn I Wish I was Your Lover” :: Sophie B. Hawkins
“Face to Face” :: Siouxsie & The Banshees
“Trip to the Moon, Pt. 1” :: Acen
“Black Metallic” :: Catherine Wheel
“Love Song for a Vampire” :: Annie Lennox
“Ordinary World” :: Duran Duran
“Born of Frustration” :: James
“Few & Far Between” :: 10,000 Maniacs
“If I Can’t Change Your Mind” :: Sugar
“Dyslexic Heart” :: Paul Westerberg
“Girlfriend” :: Matthew Sweet
“100%” :: Sonic Youth
“Babies” :: Pulp
“I See You” :: Juliana Hatfield
“It’s a Shame About Ray” :: The Lemonheads
“Not Enough Time” :: INXS
“Nightswimming” :: R.E.M.
“[I’d Like to] Volunteer, Please” :: Dramarama
“To Wish Impossible Things” :: The Cure

2 Replies to “Where were you in 1992? :: A Throwback Thursday Playlist”

  1. I had been meaning to respond to this one. Way belatedly on my end. I was in college a year after graduating from hs. Hair bands were dying or in their last days. And this new thing called grunge was up and coming. And alternative was this buzz word being thrown around.

    Ok so “James Brown” I remember hearing that on MARRS fm, Power Tools with Swedish Egil, and soon to be followed by 2 Ulimited “Get Ready for This” and Twilight Zone. then being assaulted with it at clubs and sporting events. This was when electronic/techno went mainstream. Or was that Smart E’s Sesame Street?
    And Black Metallic, how did Catherine Wheel not become one of the bigger acts of the 90’s? Rob Dickinson was an awesome and way underrated song writer and performer.
    And Duran Duran this song was such a departure from their previous work. I loved it.
    Shakespeare Sister I recall them playing the Kroq Acoustic Christmas. Also a reminder of a failed relationship and also a bad season for my Raiders Lol


    1. I am always shocked that Catherine Wheel wasn’t bigger than they were. I always loved them.

      I do think it was both James Brown and Smart E’s Sesame Street…but they blur together in memories from that time period.

      Thanks so much for your response. I enjoyed it a lot.


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