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“She’s Electric” :: Oasis :: Best Britpop Music Tuesday

Britpop Tuesday

“She’s Electric” :: Oasis :: Best Britpop Music Tuesday

The Best of Britpop Music Tuesday this Week features one of my All-Time Choice Songs from the band Oasis. The Song, “She’s Electric”, is one of the Best Tracks off of Oasis’ 1995 Quintessential Album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? Oasis is definitively one of the Top Britpop Bands, one that comes in a very close second place on my list of Top Britpop Bands, coming in just below Blur. So, have a seat, adjust your speakers, or throw on a pair of headphones, turn that volume up, and let’s take a listen, and learn a little, about one of the Best Britop Bands and Songs with this week’s feature on Oasis’ “She’s Electric”.

She’s electric.
She’s in a family full of eccentrics.
She’s done things I’ve never expected.
And, I need more time.”

Oasis She's Electric, Best of Britpop, Britpop Tuesday

“She’s Electric” :: Oasis

Oasis’ song “She’s Electric” is the 9th track off of the band’s 2nd studio Album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, released in 1995, by Creation Records. The Album was produced by Owen Morris and Noel Gallagher. The Album was a notable change from their debut, Definitely Maybe, with Noel penned Songs that were more focused on balladry, with huge choruses, string arrangements, and more varied orchestration versus the rawness of Definitely Maybe.

(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? was the band’s most commercially successful release, selling a record-breaking 347,000 copies in the first week on-sale. The Album spent 10 weeks at # 1 on the UK Albums Chart, and reached # 4 on the US Billboard 200.

“She’s Electric”, though catchy and pop-infused, was surprisingly never released as a Single.

The Album is considered a seminal record of both the Britpop era, and the 1990’s, in general.

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Noel Gallagher described the Song to Select magazine, saying:

It’s about a boy who’s got a girlfriend, and he used to go out with her sister, that he fancies her mother, doesn’t get on with her brother, and, as somebody gets her cousin pregnant, and everybody thinks it was him because he’s a bit of a fuck n’ run cunt, but it wasn’t.

It’s not a true story,” Noel added. “Is it a true story? I’m saying fuck-all me.

Noel has also stated that he borrowed the chorus melody from Theme Song to 1970’s UK preschool program, You and Me.

You and Me Theme

The Beatles’ “Why My Guitar Gently Weeps” has also been sited as an influence, or a borrowed sound, for “She’s Electric”. Can you hear it?

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” :: The Beatles

“She’s Electric” (live)

Oasis, Music, Best of Britpop, Britpop Tuesday

“She’s Electric”by one of the Best Britpop Bands, Oasis, is the featured Song for this Week’s Best of Britpop Music Tuesday. Check back here every Tuesday for more of the Best Britpop Music and see if one of your favorites make an appearance.

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