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“Above the Terra” :: Downtime Survivors :: Now Hear This

Above the Terra Downtime Survivors, Now Hear This, Rich Sihilling, Music

Now Hear This – “Above the Terra” – my pick for an Extraordinary Track of the Week comes from Downtime Survivors, a Down-Tempo, Dream Pop Project from Electronic Music Composer Rich Sihilling. Last week, I was spinning and shouting about the Song “Ministry Of Times”, which is an Epic Electronic Tune by Rich Sihilling, and this week one of his Projects has those spins and shouts starting all over again.

“Above the Terra” is a post-modern Trip Hop tune that’s gone down a dimly lit alley ways where Dream Pop and Down-Tempo hangout and smoke a clove. The song is Fantastical and Lucid Dream infused, igniting a visual kaleidoscope in the mind’s eye.

Press play on the Video above and that kaleidoscope becomes realized, with flashes of color, shape, movement and magical stimulation for the subconscious. You will not be able to turn your eyes away.

“Above the Terra” is one of the Best New Songs I have spun this week. It is a Unique Project from Southern California based Electronic Music Producer, Rich Sihilling. The Otherworldly Song should be played loudly, optimally with headphones, or a set of quality speakers. You will be transported, aurally and visually, just Press Play and take it all in.