Paul Weller, Weller Wednesday, Music

“Long, Long Road” :: Weller Wednesday

Paul Weller Long Long Road, Weller Wednesday, Music

Welcome Weller Wednesday, its nice to see you all here again to hear the Best of Paul Weller This Week. This Weller Wednesday we are taking a listen to one of two new Tracks that were released recently to keep us all satisfied (or more full of anticipation) for the New Weller Album that’s coming soon – A Kind of Revolution. While we wait (im)patiently for the New Album let’s sit back and enjoy the Best of Paul Weller This Week with the Track “Long, Long Road”.

And…just in time for Today’s Weller Wednesday, a Lyric Video for the Song was released today.

“Long, Long Road”

“There’s no longer two,
only me and you.”

This track has such a great Seventies Soul/Seventies Songwriter feel to it. There is a change within the song that has me transported back to my Mother’s light blue Winnebago, me in the passenger seat gazing out the window, trying to connect the music coming from the crackling speakers to the world outside. And the string section in this Track is breathtaking. Weller is stellar at string arranging, and it shows for certain in this New Song.

As I wrote last week, on the day of the Song’s release (see here) – This is a beautiful love song, a grown-up’s love song, the kind sung with open eyes and understanding.

A Kind Revolution Paul Weller, Weller Wednesday, Album, Music

You can pre-order the album in two different forms here. There will be a Standard Album with 10 Songs, including the one featured today, “Long, Long Road”, as well as a 3-CD or 3-Vinyl Set. The album is set to release on May 12, 2017.

Paul Weller, Weller Wednesday, Music

Let the countdown begin for the New Album, A Kind Revolution. In the meantime, enjoy Today’s Featured Best of Weller Single, “Long, Long Road” and check back every Wednesday for more of the Best of Paul Weller on Weller Wednesday.

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